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Improve Your Game With These 3 Solo And Partner Drills For BJJ

Improve Your Game With These 3 Solo And Partner Drills For BJJ


Quickly Improve Your Game With These Amazing Drills From Tom DeBlass

When it comes to learning BJJ and grappling in general, you can never do enough drilling. It is one concept that is often over looked. You will see new guys jump on the mats and look to improve as quickly as possible, rolling as hard as they can, but getting nowhere. Often times, this is because of sloppy technique. Having a variety of drills can help you take something you are good at, and make you great at it. Drilling is good for correcting things like posture, timing, control, and even just understanding how to flow. Drills often consist of fundamental movement patterns that apply to a variety of positions you will find yourself in while rolling and will help you continue to flow and transition, keeping your game fresh and hard to predict.

Tom Deblass is full of tips on how to dominate opponents from the half guard with sweeps and submissions.


If you did not already know, Tom DeBlass has just released a great instructional series called Solo and Partner Grappling Drills For Rapid Movement, available exclusively on Tom DeBlass is one of the most sought after grappling instructors and athletes in the world, having a successful career in not only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but MMA as well. His new series includes a ton of useful drills that you can practice with a partner or on your own that are great for warming up, flow rolling, or just to stay active outside of class. So let’s check it out! Here are 3 solo and partner drills for BJJ that will improve your game.

Half Guard Drag To Spartan Kick Drill

When it comes to half guard, Tom DeBlass is a wizard. Did you know he has never had his half guard beat in professional competition? The man has a monster half guard game that just can’t be beat. Tom’s half guard drag to Spartan kick drill should be thought of from a defensive stand point. From bottom half guard, Tom arm drags his opponent, using a C grip to control his opponent’s elbow, keeping it tight on the inside of his thigh. When Tom does this he drags with his other arm. From here your training partner will pull themselves back up to regain posture. When he does, Tom places his top foot on his training partner’s chest, right underneath his arm pit. Now he kicks out in order to sit up, trapping the leg. There are two main things to focus on in this drill. The arm drag emphasizes the motion you will use in a live roll to get up to the side of your opponent. Then focus on getting up to your knees after the Spartan kick.

Arm Attack Drills

The arm attack drill from Tom DeBlass helps increase your percentage of submissions from top side control. In this case, DeBlass brings his leg in and switches his hip in order to get his training partner’s hand in the correct place. Then DeBlass switches his hips back after he has cleared his training partner’s arm. Now he can drill a variety of submissions. To start, Tom traps the elbow and attacks the Americana. From here his training partner straightens his arm, giving Tom the straight arm lock. When his training partner defends this Tom moves to the kimura, then the arm bar, the omoplata and finally a triangle.

Sitting Guard Retention Against Standing Opponent

Guard retention is one of the most important aspects of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but it can be difficult to do against a standing opponent. It can be especially difficult to escape from a position when your hip has already been beat and your guard has been passed. If you are lying down with your back flat on the mat you are giving your partner an opening to leg drag and step past your guard. It is always faster for him to step around your guard than it is for you to move on the bottom. When your partner is standing in front of you, as Tom explains, the first thing you should do is sit up. Even when sitting your training partner can still move around you faster than you can keep up. This drill helps train the proper way to deal with a standing opponent. Tom shows that instead of trying to keep up with your partner you should scoot away your hips and then pull yourself back in to retain inside control. When your partner starts pushing down on your head and starts passing simply pull your hips back, and come back in to establish your hooks.  

As you can probably tell, these are excellent drills for common grappling scenarios. Tom DeBlass is not just sharing simple drills, he is also sharing the methodology behind correct movement patterns that will greatly help improve your game. So the next time you show up to class, show up a little early, grab a training partner about your size and give these drills a try. And if you want more amazing drills from Tom DeBlass then be sure to check out his great new instructional series called Solo and Partner Grappling Drills For Rapid Movement, available exclusively on

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