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Improve Your Half Guard Game With These 5 Simple Tips

Improve Your Half Guard Game With These 5 Simple Tips


The half guard has become the focus of many high level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors. Guys like Tom DeBlass and Bernardio Faria use the half guard as a foundation to their competitive success. What makes the half guard so attractive is its relative ease. Many Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players learn half guard from the very first week they step on the mats. It is one of those techniques that is easy to learn yet simple to master. But it is a great guard for everyone no matter what your body type is or your level of experience.

Tom Deblass is full of tips on how to dominate opponents from the half guard with sweeps and submissions.


The half guard should be explored from many different angles. You will find that you will be faced with half guard many times in competition. Remember that, your first line of defense in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is your guard. Not many people understand just how much stronger your legs are than your arms. They are the strongest part of your body, connected to your hips which are also super strong. You will find yourself commonly faced with different situations in half guard top and half guard bottom. When you play guard you should be asking yourself things like, am I being passed easily? Are your opponents able to hit quick submissions? If so then you might want to look at various methods for improving your half guard. Check out these 5 simple tips to improve your half guard with 5 time World Champion Bernardo Faria and Tom DeBlass.

Guys like Bernardo Faria and Tom DeBlass are world class half guard players, and you can be too! Just remember the following:

#1: Get as deep as you can any time you are going for a single leg or any sweep from the half guard position. Your opponent will naturally defend against your half guard by trying to smash you and flatten you on the ground. Beware of the cross face and the whizzer. If you are not deep enough you are susceptible to both of these.

#2: Frame, frame, frame. Framing is very important. You can use framing to control distance. You do not just use framing in order to be defensive; you use it to get a reaction from your opponent. By pushing away from your opponent you not only open up space to recover guard but you can use the momentum to set up sweeps, transitions, and leg locks.

#3: Yes, shoulder pressure sucks. But guess used to it. It is going to happen a lot. So remain calm and do not be a wuss, and remember that your training partner can’t get a submission here.

#4: The cross face and the under hook play a huge roll in just how good your guard is. Roll your hips by using your training partner’s legs and arm to force them to post with their under hooking hand.

#5: The most important detail is how you pull half guard. How you pull half guard will either give you problems or it will give you a huge advantage over your opponent. If you allow your opponent to get and under hook or a cross face, you are going to have a bad time. So pay attention to this very crucial detail.

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