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Invert Your Arm Bar With Jon Satava!

Invert Your Arm Bar With Jon Satava!



The Butterfly Guard is seeing an explosion in use at the highest levels. Athletes like Gordon Ryan, Adam Wardzinski, and Jon Satava have used the Butterfly Guard to both sweep and/or submit their opponents. Even better Butterfly Guard isn’t exclusive to Gi/No-Gi most techniques can be adapted for each! Another perk with using the Butterfly Guard is the constant threats you can impose on your opponent.

Jon Satava is a Marcelo Garcia Black Belt and 2018 ADCC East Coast Trial Champion. He knows a thing or two about utilizing his Butterfly Guard without the gi. In his instructional titled “The Modern Butterfly Guard No-Gi” is packed full of techniques and details that he forged at the Legendary Marcelo Garcia Academy. His Butterfly Guard is ruthless. Constant sweeping threats, mixed with arm bar attacks keep his opponent’s on the defensive. Let’s check out a technique from The Modern Butterfly Guard No-Gi where Satava demonstrates a BRUTAL Inverted Arm Bar variation. 

Jon points out that he could do an entire series on the inverted arm bar, and in The Modern Butterfly Guard No-Gi there is an entire part dedicated to the inverted arm bar! First off Satava describes the most common inverted arm bar where he is able to extend his partner’s base away from him as he sits up to attack the arm. However, this can be difficult if your opponent has a heavy base or is aware of your intentions to attack so Satava opts for a variation involving one of the most important moves in Jiu-Jitsu, the Hip Escape!

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One of the key factors to the success of this technique is the ability to rotate your body into the submission. Satava explains that this is the reason that he shows his students the seated variation of this technique because it’s easy to grasp the “rotation” concept of finishing the inverted arm bar. 

Another key factor is creating a Hollow Space, which is how Jon refers to it. This space is required to allow the necessary flexion of the arm that would lead to an eventual break. If there is no space for the elbow to hyper-extend getting the tap will be difficult. 

Satava achieves these two key factors this time by performing a hip escape to the side of his opponent. This will create the hollow space and will allow the rotation required to apply the pressure on his opponent’s elbow. Another finishing detail that Satava uses his top leg that climbs up to his opponent’s shoulder with his knee as his foot hooks under their ribs. 

While there are variations on the grip configuration, Satava uses a crossed arm approach. An important detail to notice here is where his elbow is located in relation to his opponent’s. Jon ensures that his right elbow is directly below of his opponents. This part of your arm allows maximal leverage to attack the joint. If you focus on these key finishing details when drilling this technique you will surely find more success when attacking with the Inverted Arm Bar!

The Modern Butterfly Guard No Gi by Jon Satava
The Modern Butterfly Guard No-Gi By Jon Satava gives you an In-Depth look at the 2018 ADCC East Coast Trials Champ’s Butterfly Guard. The Modern Butterfly Guard No-Gi is a 4 part instructional that is sure to UPDATE and IMPROVE your Butterfly Guard. Cover all of the aspects required to be a Butterfly Guard MASTER. Learn the Grip Variations, Sweep Attacks, and Submissions that make Satava Great!



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