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Is The Reverse Triangle The Ultimate Position?

Is The Reverse Triangle The Ultimate Position?


This variation of an old classic gaining popularity

The various positions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are not equal in effectiveness especially when considering all the modalities in the art including submission ability, defensive ability, and striking capability. Unfortunately, it can also be difficult to rank the positions rigidly in a system according to their effect because some grapplers are better at certain positions that some find difficult. This is the reason that the elite grapplers of the world have different games. If this wasn’t so, then they all play the same style and matches would be rather boring.

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Classically, the mount position or back position are considered the two best positions in Jiu Jitsu because they exhibit all the attributes discussed above well. Because of this, Jiu Jitsu, for a long time, was always taught in the same way. Pass the guard, establish side control, move to mount, and then attack or find the back. This system was limiting and even boring at times.


Because Jiu Jitsu continues to evolve, and new or rediscovered positions and techniques are constantly being added to the curriculum, the diversity of which positions are successful has broadened significantly and this can be attributed to why Jiu Jitsu has become entertaining for viewers and enthralling for practitioners.

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One position that has gained in popularity in recent years is the reverse triangle. Not to be mistaken for the inverted triangle or reverse grip triangle, the reverse triangle is when the head and arm of one player is trapped by the legs of the other and the defending player is on their back and the attacker is sitting on their rear while they both face the same direction. Contrary to the traditional triangle, the shin of the attacker is lying across the front of the neck rather than the back.


The reverse triangle can be attacked from many positions but is most commonly attacked from the back. From this one position alone, many submissions can be attacked included an armbar, kimura, Americana, and a choke. The choke and an arm attack can also be combined for a devastating submission. What makes the reverse triangle position so valuable, however, is that is near-impossible to defend if one is caught in it appropriately. In an MMA fight, the attacker can deliver numerous undefended blows to the head and finish with a quick submission.


Evidence that this position is so strong is Gordan Ryan use of it in defeating the some of the greatest grapplers. I highly recommend utilizing this position more often and drilling the entries so that you can become a great submission artist.

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