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What Can A Stability Ball do for your BJJ?

What Can A Stability Ball do for your BJJ?


Can this simple tool change your BJJ game?

We’ve all seen the way Jeff Glover uses a stability ball. Its downright criminal. He’s developed the popular fitness tool into a solid training partner he can count on 24/7. Jeff has taken the many utilities of the stability ball to another level, and given us countless ideas to challenge ourselves with.

The ball is definitely a useful tool in cultivating great core strength and incredible balance when used for BJJ applications. If you can stay on top of one of a stability ball, it might make staying on top of a human that much easier.

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Not all the content you’ll come across on the stability ball is what you’d call, “entry level”. Some of the videos will leave you scratching your head, and possibly doing a couple face plants as well. But there’s plenty of beginner ideas to pick from when you’re looking to get some use out of the unforgiving fitness globe.

Here’s 11 grappling-based movements from Chewjitsu, Nick Albin you can start with on the stability ball. Some are more challenging than others, but they all relate directly to BJJ, and will definitely come in handy in supplementing your BJJ movement and balance. Have a look!

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What’s so great about these? They’re fun, they will produce noticeable results in your training, and maybe the best thing about them, you don’t need a partner. Certainly, your family won’t mind you rolling around the living room, crashing into the coffee table and knocking over the lamp while they watch TV. Its for your BJJ progress. But seriously, give these a try and see which ones present you with the most difficulty. It may help you bring up some deficiencies in your agility and balance. Enjoy!

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