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You Need These Amazing Collar Drag Details From 10x World Champ Bruno Malfacine

You Need These Amazing Collar Drag Details From 10x World Champ Bruno Malfacine


 Smaller Grapplers Rejoice At These Tricks

The smaller practitioners of BJJ continue the search for the best techniques to get the upper hand against a larger much stronger opponent. Though the process can be a little slower when you’re a pint-sized player, there are principles of leverage, and perfect body mechanics that can give you an edge when you’re trying to subdue the giants on the mat.

If you haven’t heard, Bruno Malfacine will be releasing an instructional with BJJ Fanatics, and hell be covering some of these giant slaying topics. Bruno’s list of accomplishments is a mile long. He’s one of the best in the world, and the release day of his content can’t come soon enough. If you’re rooster sized this will be a necessity for the collection.

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Check out this amazing collar drag to arm bar. The detail work here is phenomenal. Have a look!

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I absolutely love the initial grip set here. The collar is obviously a staple of the collar drag, but the grip on the cuff of the pants is a great addition. It helps keep some distance between Malfacine and Faria, and plays an important role later as well. Malfacine uses his left leg to grab some mat and make a large hip escape to his left. He applies pressure to the collar grip and drives into Faria causing his near leg to become light. This will give Malfacine the opening he needs to stand up.

Here’s where that grip on the pants comes back into play! Malfacine uses the grip to manipulate Faria’s leg and steps over it to the backside. He then pushes again on the collar grip and takes a small hop over Farias grounded leg. At this point he trades the grip on the pants for one at the elbow, and sits for a nice armbar.

Great details here from the 10x World Champion Bruno Malfacine. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the instructional has in store. Coming soon!

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