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Smaller Grapplers Rejoice! 10 Time World Champ Bruno Malfacine to Film a New Instructional!

Smaller Grapplers Rejoice! 10 Time World Champ Bruno Malfacine to Film a New Instructional!


10X World Champ Is Coming to BJJ Fanatics!

Bruno Malfacine is one of the most decorated jiu-jitsu competitors of all time. He’ s a 10-time world champion. Yes, 10 times. With all titles being won in the same weight category, Bruno has been delivering exciting matches a and a multitude of highlights to the rooster weight division for more than 10 years. Bruno’s speed and agility are second to none, his transitions are seamless, and his submissions are masterfully performed. It would be impossible to quickly encapsulate Malfacine’s illustrious career in one short video, but this highlight reel from FloGrappling certainly gives us a look at his nearly “flawless” game at the 2018 Worlds. Enjoy!

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Since dominating the highest levels of competition in BJJ, Malfacine has turned his sights to MMA, where he has been quite successful so far. He recently claimed his 3rd victory in the cage over Cristian Rodriguez in Brave CF by way of rear naked choke. His career inside the cage has only just begun, but it’s quite possible we’ll see Malfacine rise to the top of the MMA circuit as well.

It’s recently been announced that BJJ fanatics will be filming an instructional with Malfacine. This is amazing news. At 130 lbs. Bruno is hands down, the most successful smaller grappler of all time. An inside look at his game WILL be incredibly insightful and useful to the entire grappling community, especially the pint-sized jiu-jitsu players.

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In this video Malfacine discusses how to avoid being smashed by a larger opponent. He manages the are a of space between himself and his opponents by making sure they never get too close to him, he then employs an arm drag as a means of offsetting his opponent’s advancement. A very simple concept, but very effective. Take a look!

As smaller BJJ players, we’re always searching for more efficient ways of using our bodies to create better leverage. When watching Bruno compete, you’ll notice that there’s never any wasted movement. Everything is as it should be. The prospect of gaining an inside look at Malfacine’s game is very exciting, and we can’t wait to sink our teeth in. Coming soon!

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