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Tom DeBlass Will Make You Rethink Closed Guard

Tom DeBlass Will Make You Rethink Closed Guard


ADCC Vet Shares Aggressive Closed Guard

This past week, Tom DeBlass was in the BJJ Fanatics studio filming his upcoming release which is going to change the way you look at the No Gi closed guard.  Best known for his half guard and leg attack games, this ADCC and UFC veteran brings his patented aggressively pragmatic style with this forthcoming series.o 

DeBlass is following up his highly popular Half Domination DVD, where he shows all of the secrets of his half guard game that he's been perfecting since he was a blue belt.  This closed guard series will also join Tom's instructional series 12 Weeks to Ripped, Submission Escapes, High Tech BJJ in the Gi and the newest Half Butterfly Guard series.  We are excited to add Tom DeBlass' unique approach to the No Gi Closed Guard to our offerings for BJJ students and fans.

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During the filming, DeBlass shared his unique approach to No Gi submissions like omoplata, triangle and arm locks.  There is no way you've ever seen these set ups and finishes before.  In addition to the attacks he shared, the number of closed guard sweeps and reversals will have your opponents terrified to get stuck in your closed guard.

While you wait for the forthcoming No Gi Closed Guard release from Tom DeBlass, take advantage of his latest Half Butterfly Guard series available from BJJ Fanatics!  Get it here!






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