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Your Takedown Game is About to Get A lot Better: Henry Cejudo to Film a new Wrestling Instructional with BJJ Fanatics

Your Takedown Game is About to Get A lot Better: Henry Cejudo to Film a new Wrestling Instructional with BJJ Fanatics


Olympic Gold Medalist to Share Wrestling with Fanatics

Henry Cejudo recently defeated Demetrious Johnson at UFC 227. The fight was definitely not a one-sided affair, with both combatants showing tremendous heart and skill, but Cejudo came away with the hard-fought win. This was Henrys second shot at Johnson for the title, and this time he was able to unseat one of the greatest fighters of all time. Here’s a quick look at few highlights from the fight. The athleticism and razor-sharp skill Cejudo displays is down right maniacal. Enjoy!

Henry stepped in to the cage and began his MMA career in 2013. He had a very successful start, and has remained consistent over the course of the last five years. Henry has undoubtedly cemented his place in MMA history by defeating Johnson, but if we dig below the surface a bit we’ll find that Cejudo’s wrestling accolades and achievements are also quite impressive.

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Cejudo won a gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the youngest American ever to do so at that time. He’s only the 3rd Olympic gold medalist to sign a contract with the UFC. Going a little further back to 2006, Cejudo also won the American Wrestling Federation’s national freestyle tournament, while still in high school!

Cejudo’s explosive, energy filled style has served his MMA career well. Historically, top tier wrestlers have always done very well in the UFC and other fighting promotions, and Cejudo is no exception. Where BJJ is concerned, wrestling is most certainly a key component for successful conquest of the takedown game. It’s now been confirmed that Cejudo will be filming a new wrestling instructional with BJJ Fanatics, and we’re very excited to get an inside look at some of Cejudo’s game, and perspective.

Have a look at this highlight video from Cejudo’s wrestling career. See anything you can use? We will be waiting impatiently! Enjoy!

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