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Gordon Ryan to Share Strength Training Secrets with BJJ Fanatics

Gordon Ryan to Share Strength Training Secrets with BJJ Fanatics


The King Shares ADCC Prep Plan

Gordon Ryan is undeniably one of the greatest no gi grappling competitors of all time. His unwavering work ethic is second to none, and it’s well documented through all of the social media outlets. It seems, like by the time I’ve taken my kids to school in the morning, he’s already completed a weeks-worth of balls to the wall training sessions.

It’s no secret that the king has put on an incredible amount of size, and he’s taken his strength and conditioning program to the next level. The ADCC champ wasn’t always the chiseled statue like figure he is today. He was previously quite lean in his earlier grappling days, and like all BJJ athletes at the highest level, decided to pursue some serious strength gains. He’s done just that, and for the first time ever BJJ Fanatics will be getting a look at some of Ryan’s methods in a brand-new instructional video due out very soon.

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If being a top tier competitor is what you’re after, then you know that strength and conditioning is going to be an important piece of the puzzle. The way we choose to approach this aspect of our training can be a turning point in your quest to reach your BJJ goals, and getting some insight from one of the best in the world can certainly help expedite the process. Look for this highly anticipated instructional to hit the web very soon!

Here’s a short video on Gordon’s Physical transformation narrated by the legendary John Danaher from Flo Grappling. Enjoy!

While you wait for Gordon Ryan's new strength and conditioning series from BJJ Fanatics, check out John Danaher's second installment of the Enter the System series, Back Attacks!  You can get it here!




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