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Is Your BJJ Ready For The Street?

Is Your BJJ Ready For The Street?



It’s probably safe to say that if you’re reading this, you believe that jiu-jitsu is one of the most effective fighting arts on the planet. Its effectiveness has been proven time and time again and the early pioneers of the art sacrificed a great deal to prove its worth and effectiveness. Our BJJ forefathers came to America to test their skills against any elite level martial artist of any style and devoured much of the competition they were presented with. 

BJJ was first celebrated as a self defense art, for its effectiveness and the use of good body mechanics to control and subsequently subdue an attacker. Though BJJ has also evolved in to an incredibly exciting sport, its important to keep those self-defense roots in mind and to make sure we consider other variables in our training from time to time. The addition of strikes or other self defense variables to our training can keep you fresh and aware for a street altercation. 

Strikes aren’t the only things we need to consider though. The street is just that, the street. We don’t have control over the actions of someone we may encounter in an altercation outside of the academy. What about multiple attackers, biting, weapons, eye gouging, etc.? Are these things we can prepare for, become aware of, and protect? 

Burton Richardson has put together a new instruction called, BJJ For the Street, and it’s now available on BJJ Fanatics. He’s taken some of these unique variables and scenarios and pressure tested them to give us a comprehensive look at BJJ in a not so favorable setting. Richardson’s background as a BJJ practitioner and MMA coach is extensive and he’s also well versed in other combat systems. With his impressive credentials and years of experience, he’s more than qualified to give us a look at some very important sets of circumstances that we may not be considering in our training. 

First have a look at this quick video on ten extreme elements of self-defense with Richardson. Are you considering any of these concepts in your training?


This makes you think a little bit, right? The unpredictability of a physical altercation in the street is a scary prospect and you don’t know what the other person is capable of until you’re already engaged. These variables that we don’t really discuss in your average BJJ class could be a real surprise when you’re looking to defend yourself outside the academy. Delving into these concepts could do us all some good. 

Richardson is not only a proponent of self-defense, he’s trained with some of the world’s most accomplished grapplers and combatants, and as he states, he still trains a great deal without the consideration of these types of threats. The idea is that, these things will appear unannounced and it would serve us well to be prepared. 

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Let’s take a look at another piece of instruction from Richardson dealing with the control of the back. Here, there is not the threat of a third party or multiple attackers and Richardson can pursue the back and a means of subduing an attacker without the danger of being blindsided. There are some great ideas on control here. Have a look at this!


Already situated in a back-control scenario, Richardson first looks to eliminate hands. Here, he uses his bottom hand to stuff his partners top arm down and then subsequently traps it with his foot. One arm down. As you can see there are multiple configurations of the arms that can be used to get the job done. 

In a second play, Richardson demonstrates how to acquire the neck by burying the hands first and then making a move to the wrap for the choke. This type of trickery gives him a momentary advantage and a chance to acquire the rear naked choke unobstructed. A one-armed choke rounds out the quick flurry of techniques here. 

With some final words on control, Richardson reminds us that in order to exit the back control our opponent must scrape us off of their back and connect their shoulders to the floor. As this occurs, Richardson brings his chest and shoulder forward to inhibit these movements. Richardson isn’t even using his hands here, just good body mechanics. Great details! 

So, there’s a little bit of everything contained here in Richardson’s instruction and as you can see, he’s very detail oriented. If the idea of an unpredictable street situation isn’t something that’s on your radar and you like to explore a little more, this is the perfect opportunity. Don’t get caught out there in a bad situation unsure of how to handle yourself. Give these unique variables some attention in your training regimen and make sure you’re ready for the street! 

BJJ For The Street by Burton Richardson
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