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Jacare Falls Short In Ft. Lauderdale

Jacare Falls Short In Ft. Lauderdale



BJJ legend Ronaldo Jacare Souza found himself back in the cage against an up and comer Jack Hermansson. Originally Jacare was set to have a long awaited rematch with Yoel Romero. After Romero was pulled from the bout, Jacare was reluctant to accept another fight. Jacare was promised a title shot with a win at UFC Ft. lauderdale.

Sadly for Jacare and his fans, Jacare fell to a decision from the very game Hermansson. Hermansson was able to land some takedowns and at one point had a arm-in guillotine that Jacare had to escape. Jacare was able to slow Hermansson down after the first two rounds with some body shots. However Hermansson was able to continue pushing forward with enough steam to defeat his top 5 opponent Jacare.

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Jacare has made a career fighting people on late notice and while waiting for his shot at the belt. Jacare has beaten some of the best the UFC’s Middleweight division has to offer, including former champ Chris Weidman. This is a case where if Jacare decided to sit out after his fight with Romero was pulled he would probably be in a better position going forward. Often times in the past the UFC has pressured it’s fighters to rise to the occasion and in this instance it was a major setback for the Jiu-Jitsu ace. Here is a quick rundown from Dom Cruz and John Anik from ESPNMMA YouTube!

Going forward the UFC has a new prospect to keep an eye on. The last man to defeat Jacare as a heavily rated underdog is current UFC champ Robert Whittaker. Jack Hermansson is 20-4 in his MMA career and 4-0 in his last four fights. With his win over Jacare he is sure to move up in the rankings.

By jumping up near the top 5 some interesting matchups start to pop up. Paulo Costa has been waiting for a fight with Romero to come up, but both have found themselves mysteriously being pulled from card. Derek Brunson would be another fun fight that would give Brunson a chance to bounce back, and provide a higher ranked opponent for Hermansson to possibly continue his climb towards the top.

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