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J’Den Cox Single Leg Variation for BJJ

J’Den Cox Single Leg Variation for BJJ


The single leg takedown has to be one of the most common methods of getting the fight to the ground in BJJ.

Out of the different techniques to crossover from wrestling, it may be the most popular, and for good reason. The single leg boasts several favorable properties when in comes to submission style grappling. It can be performed in ways that keep our necks and limbs safe, and it can be finished in a manner that allows us to land in advantageous position. Compared to the double leg, the dangers may be lessened when using the single leg. Even with perfect posture and awareness, the double can still put the neck in danger, and quite often land us in the guard upon its completion.

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J’Den Cox has been working with BJJ Fanatics to help us modify the best takedowns in wrestling and adapt them to our BJJ game. If you haven’t seen the modification of the double leg that was recently released have a look at it here!

Recruiting the knowledge and experience of a wrestler of this caliber to help us apply amazing wrestling to our BJJ game is beyond helpful and will certainly produce noticeable results. In this video we get a look at a single leg from Cox. Again, he’s modified the finish to assist us in attaining proper positioning. As Cox states in the video this technique is actually illegal in wrestling. Sounds like its right up our alley. Have a look at this!

Cox begins the technique by allowing his partner to acquire control over both of his wrists. He moves forward, changing his angle and folding his left elbow in toward his partners elbow. This causes his partners wrist to float towards his giving Cox control of the joint. With control of his partners wrist, Cox places his head on his partners chest, scoops the leg, and begins to drive forward. This causes his partner to move backward, taking weight off of the lead leg and making it quite simple or Cox to scoop up.

Cox overemphasizes the importance of this step. He advises us not to try to pick the leg up. But rather to drive forward and use the head as a means to push our opponent’s backward, making the leg light and easy to pick up. Do not skip this detail!

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Once the leg has been acquired, Cox drops down to the ankle consuming it with an over hook. Cox chokes up on his single leg. Which seems to be another key detail in controlling your opponent. You can immediately see the balance of Cox’s partner change just from this simple detail.

Cox then replaces his back foot with his front foot using a side-stepping motion and steps in for a trip to complete the finish. This is unfamiliar territory to Cox, as this is not a finish he would be using in a wrestling ruleset, but he’s landed us squarely in position to pass the guard and continue with the match. A direct path has been created to pursue a leg lock, a leg drag, or another guard pass of your choice.

I really enjoy this method. I like that it keeps our opponent at a distance. So often when we pick up a single were too close to our opponents. We often see the acquisition of a kimura, or find our heads getting pushed to the outside of the body where our necks become exposed. In this variation of the single, the threat for these types of attacks is simply unavailable.

Cox ends the instruction by giving us an alternate finish. In this variation he acquires the leg in the same manner and once again hikes it high up in to his chest. He then takes a cupping style grip on the inside of his partners knee pulling it backward as he makes the same side-stepping motion toward his partners leg, using his trailing leg to perform the trip and put his partner on the mat.

The moral of the story here? Hike that single up high. It eliminates danger, further off balances your opponent, and gives you the time you need execute a clean takedown. If you remember one thing from this video, hike that leg up!

World class wrestling modified to advance your BJJ stand up game. Thank you, J’Den Cox!

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