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Jiu Jitsu Can Get You Killed with Chad Lyman

Jiu Jitsu Can Get You Killed with Chad Lyman


You read the title right...

Now, you are either cheering because you are a Krav Maga guy and hate BJJ or you are fuming, face turning red with anger because you are a die hard BJJ practitioner.

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Before you draw any conclusions, all martial arts have something to offer and they all have deficiencies. The best way to eliminate as many deficiencies from your art as you can, is to pressure test your technique. Here Chad Lyman a BJJ black belt and LEO explains why he no longer teaches the “pendulum” kick from a seated position, how you should use that position, when to use it, and how to actually kick from the bottom.

The “technical get up” and “butt scoot” are staple techniques of BJJ. The technical get up is a go to move for self defense, sport grappling, and MMA. The butt scoot is mostly a sport position that if used in a MMA or self defense context can possibly lead to you getting injured.

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Chad shows that if you are in a seated position it is because you are standing up right now, not because you are sitting there to kick. If you sit and plan on kicking, it lacks power and is easily overwhelmed by a swarming attacker looking to knock you out. He says that if you are sitting and the opponent is in kicking range that you should lay back to an open guard type position and from there throw your kicks, using Renzo Gracie's up kick knockout victory over Oleg Taktarov as a good example of the power you can generate from that position (see video below).

So now it is your turn, gear up and pressure test these techniques at your gym, see what the safest way for you to get up is, see if that pendulum kick really does lack power. At the end of the day these are just other people's words and experiences to learn from but it is up to you to truly decide what techniques and strategies you hold value.

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