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Technique Beats Strength...

Technique Beats Strength...


“Technique beats strength, but will beats technique” - Bernardo Faria

How can you overcome a situation where someone may be more technically proficient than you? With will. Will power and the desire to win can be so strong that they can overcome some of the best technique on the planet.

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When the best in the world talk, it’s a pleasure to listen. The great BJJ players that have forged paths for us have some of the best philosophy and insight, gathered from several years of trial, error, and experience. They have been in the greatest battles, learned some of the toughest lessons, and have elected to pass what they’ve learned along to us.

In this video Bernardo Faria discusses just how important of a role strong will and desire can play in your BJJ training, competitive endeavors, and in life in general. He’s got some great things to say here. Have a look.

We strive to perfect our technique, our conditioning, and our strength, but when it comes down to two equally matched athletes with high level skill sets, the one with the stronger desire and will to impose their game will always prevail.

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This theme transcends BJJ, and also presents itself in everyday life. When trying to accomplish a goal, or make a change that will benefit your quality of living, how strong is your desire to stay the course and finish what you started?

Keep this quote in mind, and remember that we all have the ability to access desire and will as an extra tool in the arsenal, but you must cultivate it and nurture it, to keep it a part of you.

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