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JT Torres: The Spiderman of BJJ



There is a whole new generation of Jiu Jitsu champs right here from the good ole US of A. One of those champs happens to be JT Torres, from Atos Academy in California. Known for his crowd pleasing and active style, JT has become a fan favorite over the years and has brought home many championships. From humble beginnings to world champ, here’s the story of JT Torres.

Starting in Karate and eventually getting his black belt, he left martial arts to play basketball in high school. After getting cut from the team, he decided to go back to martial arts, though this time it would be Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Within the first six months, JT Torres received his blue belt. Taking the sport seriously, he eventually moved to Performance BJJ in New Jersey. While at Performance, in under three years, he received his brown belt.

While at brown belt, he started winning championships left and right. Just a few of his accomplishments included a gold medal at the 2008 No Gi Worlds, a gold medal at the 2008 Pan Am No Gi Championships, and yet another gold medal at the 2009 European Open Championships.

Deciding that he needed a team of hard working professionals, he moved to the well known Lloyd Irvin Team in Maryland. He was determined to get his black belt and win a black belt championship. In 2009, Lloyd Irvin awarded JT his black belt. Between 2009 and 2013, he took many bronze, silver and gold medals at the black belt level. JT was showing everyone that he was a force to be reckoned with.

In 2013, a series of scandals rocked Lloyd Irvin’s team, and JT felt that it was time to move to a more positive environment and he ended up at Atos Academy, the gym of Andre Galvao. Since joining Atos, he has competed a handful times with great success. He also teaches at Atos, heading the kids program.

JT’s success has come from being highly active and his varied skill set. Favorite techniques seem to be chokes off the back, including the bow and arrow. He also is very proficient with arm locks at different positions. JT is also known for his incredibly strong grips, especially while in spider guard which earned him the nickname of Spiderman. Now that he has made his permanent home at Atos, the sky is the limit for this natural born star.


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