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Kimura from Half Guard with Tom DeBlass

Kimura from Half Guard with Tom DeBlass


The kimura is one of the most dynamic submissions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Entire systems have been developed using the kimura grip as their base.  It is a mainstay in every high level competitors aresenal. If you want to further understand the versatility of the kimura as a position and as a submission, check out our article at BJJ Fanatics on the kimura here.

 In the video below, ADCC and UFC veteran Tom DeBlass adds some crucial details to the kimura from half guard that you may not be aware of.  In this video, Tom is wearing a Gi, but during the video makes it abundantly clear that his techniques must be applicable for both Gi and No Gi usage.

If you want to know more about Tom DeBlass, take a look at our article on his ability to counter pressure, here at BJJ Fanatics.

Grab for wrist

It is crucial to grab for the wrist, not only to lock the kimura grip, but also as a preventative measure to prevent the opponent from cross facing you from top half and flattening you out.

Opponent's head needs to be on outside

If the opponent's head stays on the same side near your chest, the kimura will be much less effective and the opponent will most likely be able to resist.  Their head must go to the outside away you to provide the proper body positioning that puts the opponent most susceptible to the kimura.  If the opponent doesn't willfully place their head in the proper position, Tom demonstrates the application of a choke that will naturally force the opponent to defend and put their head in the proper position.

Do not abandon grip if opponent rolls

Once the kimura grip is secured, it is imperative to maintain it.  One of the possible escapes that the opponent may present is to attempt to roll out of the kimura.  If the grip is maintained, it can be finished once side control is established at the end of the roll per the video.

Optional:  Use butterfly hook to keep opponent from flattening you out.

The butterfly hook can become a powerful addition to your half guard repertoire to prevent the opponent from flattening or smashing you from top half.  Though optional for this particular position, it should be something that you are aware of and can make readily available for future use in your half guard game plan.

The kimura is a submission that can be achieved from a wide variety of positions, with half guard being only one of them. Half guard is one of the most fruitful positions for surviving pressure, sweeping and submitting your opponents from both the top and the bottom.  The union of half guard with the kimura can make a simplistic but deadly attack that needs to be added to your game plan.

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