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Kimura Tunnel Vision – Make the Switch with John Danaher

Kimura Tunnel Vision – Make the Switch with John Danaher


Keep Your Eyes Open...

Do you get tunnel vision when you’re attacking the kimura? As we hunt for one of grappling’s most famous and effective configurations of the hands, sometimes we get a little bit too overzealous when we’re chasing the arm we want. Perhaps too overzealous to see that there’s another opportunity right in front of us. Did you pick up the new John Danaher “Enter the System” kimura instructional series yet? Stop reading now and go buy it. The content is even better than you may have imagined. In this quick video Danaher discusses the idea of switching the kimura attack to the other side when you’ve already begun to pursue one of the arms. Take a look at this.

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This particular situation begins in North South position. As Danaher explains, when we start to attack one of the arms the common reaction for the person on the bottom is to bring that arm closer to the ground. This buries the arm and makes it much more difficult for the attacker to thread his hands through and achieve the figure 4 lock. But something interesting happens when the bottom person does this. The other elbow rises, and should now become the focus of our attack.

The concept at play here is to always attack the high elbow. If we become too focused on the elbow we can’t have, we may lose our opportunity all together. As one elbow falls, the other rises. Adhere to this principal when attacking the kimura and you may just end up with a much higher success rate.

BJJ is full of obvious but not so obvious principles such as the one being discussed here. It seems sometimes the most basic of ideas can be the most elusive to us. This is a simple concept you can add to your game today and it will change the way you look at the position forever. Happy hunting.

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