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Lachlan Giles Goes 5-For-5 At Kinetic!

Lachlan Giles Goes 5-For-5 At Kinetic!



If You don’t know, no you know. Lachlan Giles is a MONSTER. Lachlan has been on QUITE a tear recently. Currently he is riding an 11 fight win streak where he has submitted 9 of those opponents. Last night at Kinetic 1 team submission grappling event Lachlan defeated the entire opposition of Team BJJFANATICS first round match. He was unstoppable!

Kinetic is a unique take on the grappling ruleset. It is a team based battle where the focus is on the submission. If an athlete is able to secure a submission they move on to take on the next competitor. If the match ends without a submission both athletes are out. This can lead to some nail biting, down to the wire type moments which was great to watch. However, Lachlan Giles had different plans. 

Lachlan’s first opponent was Mansher Khera. Khera and Giles recently competed at Polaris where Khera earned a decision victory. This time however, it was all Lachlan Giles. After securing a nice single leg Giles was able to pressure forward threatening a leg drag pass. Instead as you may have guessed, Giles sat back and applied a beautiful inside heel hook. 

Next up for the Australian was Will Weed. Now keep in mind, there is little to No downtime between matches. So it’s right back to the action. Lachlan was able to employ a good mix of open guard arm drags, reverse de la Riva, and tricky elevations to eventually find his way back to the inside heel hook. Giles was stuck in a couple of tricky spots that surely sapped some of his energy. On to his match with UFC Vet Joe Riggs.

Keep in mind behind Lachlan Giles just waiting for action is Edwin Najmi, Craig Jones, Nicky Rodriguez, and GORDON RYAN. Riggs was obviously nicknamed Diesel for good reason, because he looked to negate a lot of Lachlan’s attacks. Lachlan was able to use his Half Guard to great effect. Many tactics are covered in his Half Guard Anthology! Giles was able to hit a beautiful transition from half guard to a ¾ Armbar that ended the  night for Riggs. 

Giles covers many ins and outs of Jiu-Jitsu on his YouTube page. Here Craig Jones and Giles demonstrate a technique variation that Giles used to defeat Riggs.  They call it the Choi Bar. Check it out!

With two athletes left for Team Lights Out, team captain Chris Lytle. Lytle hit an early takedown on Giles, but after hitting the mat it was all Lachlan Giles. Lytle got to his feet looking to pass. This allowed Giles to enter into attacking the legs. From here it was only a matter of time before Giles could out technique Lytle to eventually find himself back to the inside heel hook once again. 

Let Lachlan Giles update your Half Guard! Click Learn More!


The last athlete for Team Lights Out was none other than Ricco Rodriguez. Rodriguez a former UFC Heavyweight Champion, and ADCC Vet outweighed Giles by at least 80lbs. Once again Giles was able to use his seated guard to find a way to attack his opponent’s legs. Rodriguez tried to turn and pull out of the leg entanglement. Both Craig Jones and Lachlan Giles have been highly successful in re-attacking in these situations. As you may have guessed, Giles ONCE AGAIN was able to secure a brutal inside heel hook. 

Giles single-handedly defeated the entire opposition in the opening round of Kinetic! 5 and 0 with 5 submissions! So Like we said if you don’t know, know you know!

Lachlan has been steadily climbing the ranks of the Jiu-Jitsu community. His performance at Kinetic shouldn’t be a surprise, and look for him to make some noise like his buddy Craig Jones at ADCC 2019! Stay tuned for more Kinetic 1 coverage.

Lachlan Giles is one of the BEST teachers around. His YouTube channel has helped grapplers across the globe. The Half Guard Anthology By Lachlan Giles is easily one of the best Half Guard resources available ANYWHERE. Giles has world class technique matched with UNPARALLELED teaching ability!



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