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Lachlan Giles Is Changing The Game

Lachlan Giles Is Changing The Game



We’re all chomping at the bit to see what Lachlan Giles has in store for his new leg lock instructional. His performance at ADCC this year will go down as one of the most memorable in history and Giles is still riding the wave from that incredible day. He managed to finish three giants int eh absolute division, claiming a bronze medal and an experience that will not soon be forgotten. 

Giles has been releasing content for a long time. His YouTube channel is incredible and through these videos and Giles’ work with BJJ Fanatics, we’ve come to know him as one of the most technical instructors on the planet. His teaching is very detail oriented and there is no stone left unturned in his instruction. To date, Giles has not released a leg lock instructional but we’re finally about to get a look in to the system that Giles has been creating and implementing in his competition endeavors. 

Giles has proved that there is still more to be explored and developed when it comes to attacking the lower half of the body. Leg locks are alive and well and a champion for attacking the lower 50% still resides in Giles. This was on full display at ADCC 2019 and many of us are still in awe from witnessing Giles’s experience.

So, what makes Giles’s system different and unique? How was he able to accomplish such a feat at the highest levels of competition? Giles employed the 50/50 to get the job done at ADCC and this was surprising to some of us. We haven’t seen a large number of BJJ players using the 50/50 in the way that Giles is. He’s making some interesting innovations to the position and I think this is going to have a massive effect on how we approach the leg game.

With Giles at the helm, we’re going to see a resurgence of the 50/50 and get a new understanding of its capabilities. We’ll find out much more about this very soon but for now let’s take a look at this segment of instruction and get a sneak peak of what’s to come in a fully detailed leg lock instructional from the man himself. Have a look at this!


Giles first details some of the characteristics of common leg attack positions and begins with the saddle. The saddle or inside sangaku position has been incredibly popular for leg locking. Its overshadowed most positions and been known as the “game over” spot in many cases. This may be the position your most familiar with for leg attacks. As Giles explains, with right knowledge of defense, the heel is pretty easy to hide here. By turning the heel toward the ribcage and tucking it, this throws a wrench into the leg lockers plans. Freeing the knee line here can also be done quite simply by turning away and using some push pull mechanics to escape. 

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The solution these problems? Control the far leg. Yes, but your opponent still knows that we want that other heel. At some point the leg locker will have to relinquish control of the other leg. So, if they can be patient and keep themselves in good position an escape is still highly probable. When the saddle burst on to the scene it was an absolute powerhouse, but this trouble became apparent at the highest levels. When everyone became savvier to defending it, the saddle started to fail. 

Does this mean the saddle doesn’t work? Of course not. As Giles states, it’s still a great position, but it may not offer the best control int eh family of leg lock entanglements. 

Moving on to the 50/50, Giles hits us with an important fact. To free the knee line from the 50/50, his opponent must exit in a manner that actually exposes the heel. This is very different from the saddle and something to take note of. Giles is creating a dilemma in the 50/50. Stay and fight or risk being finished upon your attempts to exit. 

From the 50/50 Giles has created a sort of hybrid outside sangaku position that offers an exceptional level of control and creates further problems for his opponents. Look at the configuration of his legs. From the 50/50, Giles shrinks his inside knee down to the mat and the lets his top leg ride across the waistline of his partner. This creates a scenario, where the same difficulties of escape remain and it also keeps Giles’s feet safe from attack on the other end. This position is very interesting. At first it seemed like Giles may be putting his own feet in danger, but with a closer look, you can see that the position is actually protecting his legs and offering loads of control over his partner. Giles creates the same problem here for his opponents that he does in the 50/50 but on an even higher level. 

This is obviously just the tip of the iceberg. There’s still so much more to cover here. It will be very interesting to see how Giles weaves all of these different ideas together with transitions and different ideas. Let’s not forget all of the finishing mechanics. Are you ready for 10 hours of instruction on the legs from Lachlan Giles? This will no doubt be a game changing piece of instructional material. 

Clear, concise, and incredibly detailed, Giles always comes through with fantastic content and we look for this to be no different. Don’t sleep on this one! 

Leg Lock Anthology: 50/50 by Lachlan Giles

Lachlan Giles is FRESH off of a heroic ADCC 2019 performance where he defeated three +99KG superstars back-to-back-to-BACK with heel hooks. Leg Lock Anthology 50/50 by Lachlan Giles covers the TECHNIQUES that lead Lachlan to defeat 3 of Jiu-Jitsu’s BEST athletes in a row. Learn the nuances that make Lachlan’s leg lock approach unique and effective!



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