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Lachlan Giles Reveals ADCC Heel Hook Details!

Lachlan Giles Reveals ADCC Heel Hook Details!


The chatter has not ceased… Lachlan Giles is still one of the most talked about competitors from ADCC 2019. Coming off of an absolutely jaw dropping performance, Giles managed to slay three giants of the sport in the absolute division at ADCC. This came after dropping a first-round match to Lucas Lepri and being eliminated from his division on the opening day of the competition. It’s no doubt an impressive feat, but it’s a remarkable achievement on many levels. Not only were these men much larger than Giles, they are also some among some of the best in the world. Giles was also able to accomplish this task using the same submission on all three of the competitors. The inside heel hook.

Giles is revered for his incredible instruction. He’s very detail oriented in his teaching and he shares his knowledge with thousands through BJJ Fanatics and his YouTube channel. With his success at ADCC, Giles has us all wondering…How did he do it? How was this man able to best three of the largest competitors in the tournament and come away unscathed? Giles has begun work on a new instructional that will give us some insight in to his unique approach to attacking the lower half of the body that were all so eager to learn more about. 

The leg lock is the great equalizer. You be hard pressed to find an ankle or knee that can withstand excellent leg locking mechanics coupled with exceptional application. Giles played his game at ADCC and it paid off big time, earing him a bronze medal in the absolute division and a day in his memory he wont soon forget. 

So, it looks like Giles has made a quick return to the BJJ Fanatics studio after his performance to share his knowledge and give us some insight into his leg lock tool box. Check out this amazing preview!


So, Giles begins here with an interesting position. The under hook De La Riva.  At first it looks to be a pretty standard DLR configuration with the free foot poised to create distance if necessary, but then Giles adds an element that we don’t see very often. He secures his partner’s leg with both hands. The bottom hand being knuckles out at the ankle and the top hand knuckles in, gripping the knee. With the leg secured, Giles enters an under hook with his bottom arm. He cautions us to keep a hold of the back of the knee to make sure our opponent can’t run away. 

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With the proper connection points in place, running away is actually a pretty bad idea for the guard passer, as Giles can easily find the position. But, if the top player decides to pressure forward, Giles must make sure to mitigate this pressure with his free hand. He then replaces his hand with shallow “K guard”, where he drops his knee down toward his partners achilles tendon and sort wraps the front of the shin with his instep. There will be a small window here where Giles must react.

Locking a gable style grip and with his elbow at the knee and his foot at the ankle, Giles creates an incredibly constricting vice around the leg, making escape very difficult. 

Ok, still with me?

Giles now beings to invert a bit and he threads his free leg through, hooking his partners opposite leg. I’m not the foremost authority on leg locks, but this looks like one of the worst entanglements of the legs I’ve ever seen. Just simply standing, would appear to be one hell of a task at this point. Giles uses this threaded leg to force his partner down to the ground.

I’m as amazed as Mr. Faria. This is so innovative. I can’t wait to try it out! 

With his partner on the ground, Giles can begin to get to work. But there is something interesting happening here. Giles, at this point doesn’t appear to have a great bite on the leg. To many it may seem that because of this, they are out of danger. Giles’s partner even remarks on this, stating that there doesn’t seem to be much of an element of danger from this position. Yet…

By bending the leg at the knee and locking a triangle with his legs, Giles is able to keep his partner’s from going anywhere. This looks to be critical to pursuing the finish. With the leg bent, and the chance of escape very low all Giles needs to do now is acquire the heel and use a bridge to finish the lock. 

A coupe of pro tips here; Notice how Giles is controlling the toes. This happens to be the end of the lever in this circumstance. We always hear this phrase. “Control at the end of the lever”. This is definitely something to keep in mind as this will offer the most control over the foot. Also, Giles warns against trying to capture the heel in the armpit. This does not offer the best bite. For a tighter bite on the heel acquire it with your elbow from a floating position and place it between the bicep and ribcage. This offers much better control and as you can see, a very tight bite. 

Covering another aspect of the position, Giles now explains what Mahamed Aly did in response to this attack. After Giles was able to bring Aly down tot eh floor, Aly sat back, and got heavy on Giles’s legs. Giles answers here by surrounding the foot with a grip and pushing up on it. For extra leverage he uses his bottom arm as a prop. This makes sitting back and applying pressure for the top player very difficult. From here this is still no way to acquire the heel without giving up the position and losing the leg. Giles needs to take things step further. With another phenomenal layer of mechanical detail, Giles then swims his top arm under the leg, dipping his shoulder down under the foot. By turning away and beginning to rise up, his partner is forced out of his seated position and the hell becomes exposed, again, allowing Giles access to the submission. 

This is just incredibly innovative and revolutionary material. I have been a fan of Giles for quite some time and I enjoy his instruction very much, as many of you probably do. This newest instructional will not be one to miss! Thanks for the amazing details and congratulations on your amazing performance at ADCC Lachlan Giles!

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