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Learn the Lockdown Sweep with Joel Bouhey

Learn the Lockdown Sweep with Joel Bouhey


Simple Sweep In The Gi!

You’ve heard the name, “the electric chair”. If you’re new to BJJ maybe you haven’t been exposed to much material from the lockdown. Maybe you haven’t been exposed to what the lock down even is yet. No worries. We have a really quick video here that explains both!

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The lock down has gained most of its popularity through the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu system, but it lends itself to practitioners from all systems, affiliations, and styles. It can be used as a position in itself to reverse, submit, take the back, and more. It’s also a nice tool to buy yourself some time when you’re being smashed in half guard and you’re attempting to make some room for an escape. Whatever the case may be, learning the lock down and the electric chair sweep together is a great place to start. So, check out this quick video from Joel Bouhey!

We begin in half guard. To establish your lock down, your outside leg will come over the top of your partner's leg, your other leg (in this case your right leg) will cover the instep of your left foot, like a triangle, and then you’ll place your right instep under your partners instep and extend. This should land you in a nice tight lock down. The more you extend, the tighter it will be.

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The electric chair will require you to have an under hook, similar to the under hook we’re always looking for in a standard half guard situation. From this point Bouhey will bump his partner off to the right. As his partner counters with a whizzer, Bouhey uses his right hand to under hook his partners leg, and then swims his top arm inside and whips his hips to bring his partner back in the opposite direction. His partner is forced to post his hand or be swept. Bouhey locks a gable grip on his partners leg, extends the lock down, and rolls, forcing the reversal. He then let’s go of the gable grip, comes up to his elbow, and continues on to the top position.

This is a simple and effective way to get started with the lock down. Give it a try!

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