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Learning to Fly With Renato Canuto

Learning to Fly With Renato Canuto


 Surprise your friends and opponents with this flying armbar!

Checkmat black belt Renato Canuto has quickly become known as one of the most dynamic BJJ competitors out there today!  His acrobatic guard passing at Kasai Pro has become one of the most seen highlights on the jiu jitsu interwebs.

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With the release of his eagerly anticipated instructional "50 Shades of Armbars" you didn't think he would keep all of your options at ground level, did you?  Check out the excerpt below from "50 Shades" that will have you soaring the next time your opponent or training partner tries to control you with some of that pesky shin on shin sit up guard!

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Key Details

In this video, multiple time world champion Mikey Musumeci establishes shin on shin control coupled with a strong lapel grip connecting himself to Renato Canuto.  This is a great guard position that opens up Mikey's ability to stand and attack a single leg takedown, or set up some various guard options like X guard for more sweeps.


The first thing Renato must be mindful of is of Musumeci's ability to stand up.  He is able to control this by controlling the leg that is not attached to his shin with a hand on knee grip.  This allows him to lift that leg off the mat, making it impossible for Mikey to stand up.


Using a grip in his opponent's collar, coupled with a his elbow and framing forearm, Renato is able to control his opponent and more importantly draw him close to set up his next moves to free the leg that's being attacked.


To secure the arm that he plans to attack, Renato will reach under his thigh and seek to control his opponent's wrist.  This ensures that he is connected and in control of the arm without too much revelation of the upcoming plan.


Now using the thumb in the collar grip, he will take away the framing forearm to pull his opponent foreward.  As Mikey begins to react, by pulling back, Renato capitalizes on the reaction and frees his leg and steps up and over Mikey's body falling into a perfect flying armbar.

By focusing on these key points, you can free yourself from the pesky shin on shin and single leg attacks and surprise them with a flying armbar that they will never see coming.  Add this surprisingly dominant armbar from the "50 Shades of Armbars" series to your game today!

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