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Lesnar Retires, DC vs Stipe Nearly Finalized

Lesnar Retires, DC vs Stipe Nearly Finalized


 In an interview with ESPN Dana White said  “he’s done, he’s retired” when talking about former title holder Lesnar. White also mentioned moving in another direction in terms of what to do next with the UFC’s Heavyweight division. Thankfully for MMA purists it looks as though they will be targeting a rematch between current champ Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic at UFC 241 in August.

Many fans were clamoring for a rematch between DC and Stipe after they originally clashed back in July of 2018. Stipe was the longest reigning UFC Heavyweight Champion with the most defenses in the divisions history. This record goes to show the high stakes at this division. With athletes this big and strong, one slight mistake can lead to the end of your night. Stipe was able to rise to the top and beat the best the division had to offer.

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So when Stipe was defeated by UFC Light Heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier, many fans thought Stipe should have another shot. Instead we were left with Brock Lesnar storming the octagon causing a scene and shoving the new champ. Needless to say people felt sorry for Stipe.

The UFC is a business and when you can get Brock Lesnar in the cage for a fight people tune in. A match up between one of the GOATs of the sport and the spectacle that is Lesnar would surely sell high PPV numbers. For DC who has a story book career this match with Lesnar would be a good way to leave the game on top AND have a mega payday.

Fans of the rankings have reason to cheer that the rematch between DC and Stipe is taking place. Lesnar’s last fight was at UFC 200 against Mark Hunt where Hunt was defeated and Lesnar tested positive for PEDs. For him to jump the likes of Stipe for an immediate title shot can cause some teeth grinding.

While DC has defended once more against Derrick Lewis, Stipe Miocic found himself in an unfamiliar place doing familiar things. Last weekend in Cleveland Miocic took to the Fight2Win stage for a Gi match to raise money for charity. Although Stipe lost the ref’s decision he looked great considering competing in the Gi isn’t common practice for the longest reigning heavyweight champ.

This could very well be DC’s last UFC fight. He has stated multiple times that the clock was ticking once he turned 40. Which he did so in March of this year. Stipe gets his long wanted and much deserved rematch. August can’t come soon enough!

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