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Luiz Panza: Botinha Master

Luiz Panza: Botinha Master



Luiz Panza is a name that you might not know. People who just casually follow the sport do not usually know this very talented black belt. But he is a competitor that will blow up soon. Panza is a black belt from the infamous Checkmat team. He is a master of the botinha, known in English as the straight ankle lock. He has many wins by it. Panza has over a dozen wins by foot lock since 2012 which is very impressive, especially since they are rarely seen in gi competition. Here are some of Luiz Panza’s best foot lock victories. Check them out!

Luiz Panza vs Rodrigo Faria @ Abu Dhabi World Pro East Coast Trials

This is an impressive victory due to the fact that Panza is able to secure his foot lock in such quick fashion. The match does not even last a minute. After working his guard to get up, Panza secures the leg of Rodrigo and goes belly down for his botinha foot lock. His speed on finishing the foot lock is utterly suburb.

Luiz Panza vs Manuel Pontes @ Abu Dhabi World Pro 2015

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While this match lasts longer than his match against Rodrigo, Panza still finishes it with relative ease, in quick fashion. At the World Pro in 2015, Panza was matched against black belt, Manuel Pontes. Once the match starts, Panza jumps guard on Pontes and starts to work. As Panza works for a sweep, his opponent attempts to stand, giving Luiz exactly what he wants, which is a leg. Panza secures the botinha and forces the tap at about one minute and twelve seconds into the match.

Luiz Panza vs Claudio Calasans @ Copa Podio 2014

This is one of my favorite matches that Panza has been in. At the 2014 Copa Podio tournament, Panza was matched up against the beast known as Claudio Calasans. Calasans being a champion with black belts in Judo and BJJ was quite the formidable foe for Panza. When the match started, both went for double guard pulls, but Panza was able to force his guard with Calasans working on top. As Claudio tried passing, Luiz was able to grab a leg, and start going for his patented foot lock. Claudio tried going for his own foot lock, but Panza once again was able to finish a top opponent with his botinha. This match was fantastic to watch due to the technical aspects of these two competitor’s skills.

Luiz Panza is going to be the next big thing in Jiu Jitsu. It is only a matter of time at this point. He is also bringing his unique knowledge to the instructional world. With one DVD already out (with the link below), he is also working on a specialized foot lock instructional, which can give you the knowledge to finish the botinha in competition as well. Stayed tuned to BJJ Fanatics for when the foot lock DVD drops!


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