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Make Bad Things Happen for Your Opponent with Seth Daniel's Cement Mixer

Make Bad Things Happen for Your Opponent with Seth Daniel's Cement Mixer


F2W Ringleader Puts Wrestling Background to Use

Seth Daniels is a man on a mission.  As CEO and ringleader of the travelling grappling show known as Fight 2 Win Pro, he and his band of merry men and women travel almost weekly, year round putting on the closest thing to a jiu jitsu rock concert as we've ever seen.  He has taken the jiu jitsu tournament as we have always known it and put it on steroids and merged it with music, smoke machines and lasers giving local athletes an opportunity to step on stage, be on center stage and compete in the art they love.

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While putting a show on in Boston, BJJ Fanatics was able to get some time with Seth to put together an instructional called The Fight 2 Win system.  In the short time since it has been released, Seth has created a buzz with a technique demonstration where he inadvertently put his uke, friend and teammate Brittney Elkin to sleep with a very interesting triangle choke set up.

The social media world erupted in a mix of outrage and laughter.  Brittany responded on her social media assuring everyone that she was fine and not to take things as seriously, while Seth offered to send everyone who had issue with the technique a bag of candy penises for them to enjoy.

In the video below, Seth demonstrates an old wrestling technique that allows you to stop the shot of the opponent and reverse them.  Depending on their reaction, it can open the door to reversals and submissions.  Check it out below.


 And remember at the end of the day, who hasn't put a training partner out or nearly out while drilling or demonstrating a technique.  We are not playing chess here.  At the end of the day, this is a combat sport where we are looking to choke and to break joints.  Lighten up and have some fun.  And if they don't feel you tap.  Enjoy the nap!

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