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Eli Knight and Bladed Grappling: Shedding New Light on Self-Defense

Eli Knight and Bladed Grappling: Shedding New Light on Self-Defense


Black Belt Teaches Practical Self Defense

When checking our BJJ daily feed We often get sidetracked by the buzz of high level competition and the newest BJJ drama coming down the pipe. Though BJJ competition is evolving and the art itself is constantly going through periods of growth, we have to remember that the self-defense aspects of BJJ are also evolving, and being taken to new levels. BJJ is rooted deeply in self-defense, and those themes are being kept alive and being improved upon by new generations of grapplers.  

Eli Knight is a black belt under Royce Gracie, and an instructor at Three Rivers Martial Arts Academy in Paducah Kentucky, and he’s been releasing some great instructional material on his approach to knives and self-defense. Recently, a good friend of mine attended a bladed grappling seminar with Knight. He came back very excited about the information, and showed me several of the techniques and concepts he was exposed to. I thought one of the great things about the material was how user friendly it was if you had a basic understanding of fundamental BJJ. I have to say, the techniques we’re really great, and very refreshing.

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I’ve always felt that simple is best when it comes to dealing with weapons and self-defense, and Knight has done a great job with applying a no-nonsense approach to dealing with a knife attack. Foregoing the fancier disarms and spinning motions for simple concepts that will help the average person stop the attack and remove themselves from the situation, Knight opts to employ more fundamental ideas such as two-on-one grips and basic methods of getting the attacker to the ground. Take a look at this video, and you’ll see what I mean! Also check Dynamic Striking Defense by Duane Ludwig.

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