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Master The Full Mount for BJJ and MMA

Master The Full Mount for BJJ and MMA



We all know that the mount is one of the most advantageous positions in jiu jitsu, and especially in MMA where punches and elbows can be reigned down on your opponent. But why is it not used in other grappling arts such as sambo, wrestling or judo?

Before we explore the mount's unique effectiveness for BJJ, let's check out this jiu jitsu video by Murilo Bustamante showing you the fine and important details on how to get the mount, and how to use it properly for submission attempts and control.

Murilo Bustamante is one of the most complete Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athletes in the world. He's a 6th degree BJJ black belt and has been training for over 40 years. He's competed in Pride, UFC and one of the founding members of the famous Brazilian Top Team.

It makes us laugh when he says "I've bee training for 40 years, but only for the last 15 years and I starting to understand the mount".

It's crazy to imagine 40 years in BJJ, and even crazier to imagine someone thinking that deeply about what the mount position is and how it can be used.

Needless to say, Murilo Bustamante can probably teach you a thing or two about the BJJ mount position.

Murilo Bustamante is known for his pressure and old school brutal jiu jitsu that works for BJJ competition and MMA. Add his pressure submission game to your arsenal.


In every other grappling arts, like wrestling, sambo or judo, you can simply win by achieving a "pin". A pin means pinning down the back of your opponent or both shoulders blade down on the ground. Each art has it's different rules around it, but if you hold your opponent down for 2-3 seconds, you typically win the match. For us in Jiu Jitsu, this makes no sense. Nothing has been accomplished? Why is this considered a win....? Whatever, back to the mount position and why it is important for BJJ.

In these other competitions, the mount position is hardly utilized for a few main reasons; the very first reason is that it is much easier for the grappler under a mount to turn the belly downward and then give the back up, which cannot be counted as a pin even though they are completely flat on their stomach. This is great in BJJ, but creates problems for these other grappling arts.

Also, with the limited or no submissions, turning the belly down is less risky as compared to when someone is in a BJJ. The other reason is the fact that the mount is normally gotten from a dominant position like the side control, which already counts as a pinning position (therefore, there will be no more reason to process further to the mount).

As BJJ gets it strong roots in a No-Holds Barred and the Vale Tudo style matches, getting the mount was the number one objective of the then BJJ practitioner, as it was believe to be the position with which delivering strikes as well as giving an easy access to an opponents back turning back from said strikes was made very possible. For this very reason, the BJJ competitions give out 4 points for achieving the mount, the highest one possible, and next to back control.

The mount position in modern MMA and no gi grappling

Obviously the mount is a strong and powerful finishing position in MMA, especially for ground and pound. Nothing is most satisfying and fun to watch as when a MMA fighter gets in the top mount position and just destroys his opponent with punches, hammers and elbows.... headbutts would be kinda cool too :)

While the mount is definitely a major finishing position in MMA, it is often less favorable to the back control position. Why? There are two reasons. Being on bottom mount in MMA f_cking sucks!!!! MMA fighters who are getting punched in the face repeatedly will give up the back control to stop the aggressive blows being reigned down.

The second reason is that without the use of the gi, the mount can be a challenging place to finish from... especially chokes. The mount is a great choking position in gi based Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but in MMA without the gi, the choking game tends to disappear. Yes there are finishes like the guillotine, arm bars and americana, but they aren't as easy to get in MMA.

Lastly and kinda point number three is that modern BJJ and no gi athletes are very used to attacking and finding the back, especially from guard. In order to get mount from guard in BJJ, you first need to sweep your opponent. But when getting the back, you "simply" need to slide your body around for back control.

In conclusion the mount is a powerful position for BJJ and MMA. Though it might not be relevant for other grappling arts, the only reason is because they have rules that basically make the mount obsolete. In MMA, it is a great ground and pound position, but offers limited submissions without the gi. In Gi Jiu Jitsu, the mount becomes a very powerful and strong submission based finishing position.

Murilo Bustamante is old school Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is no nonsense and tough as nails. The old school Brazilian Top Team guys were just cut from a different cloth. Murilo came up under the famous Carlson Gracie. He wanted his guys to be better conditioned, better trained and tougher than the competition. Murilo Bustamantewas one of his prodigies and had one of the most decorated Jiu Jitsu careers in history. He was a UFC champ, a BJJ World Champ and a semi-finalist at ADCC. His Old School Crushing Pressuring Jiu Jitsu game is a thing of legend, and YOU can now learn how to apply it in your Jiu Jitsu game.



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