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Master The Mount With Matt Thornton

Master The Mount With Matt Thornton


There are few things in Jiu Jitsu more frustrating than fighting to get into mount only to get swept again. To beat this exhausting process, you can use techniques derived from Matt Thornton’s program that explains how to distribute your weight correctly and understand ways to position your body in order to be able to search for a submission without someone rolling you out of a dominant position.

Matt spent a whole year only working his mount game to see how much improvement he could measure after he realized how ill utilized the position is across all Jiu Jitsu ranks. Top mount is a very important and unique position in Jiu Jitsu, but is most often not used to its full potential; even black belts among the sport don’t feel as comfortable being on top as they do in side control. 

If you can achieve a truly non sweepable mount, you will be a real threat to your opponents. Being able to stay on top will provide an immense amount of dominance and open up so many different submissions to you; just getting to mount is not enough to set up a lot of attacks but holding that position is incredibly problematic for the person on the bottom. In this series, the first thing Matt will teach you how to set up a glue-like mount position, then advise on how to hunt for submissions from there while you are in control. 

Initially you will become comfortable with where and how to apply your body weight onto your opponent, forcing them to try and create space between you. With correct application you will set up a threatening sense of submission in the person on the bottom, making them easier to manipulate and attack. So what are some of the things that we often encounter during this process of mount work? What are the general steps of learning this amazing and beneficial position? 

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The first step is to divide the body in your mind (upper and lower) to focus on where to attack when in the mount position. You also have to revisit some fundamentals, such as pummeling, in order to get comfortable with feeling the amount of contact you have with the person in bottom mount. Remember that singling out a position to work on does not have to completely overshadow your focus on attacks, rather it is meant to introduce new variations and set up opportunities. During his year of mount work, Thornton wasn’t ignoring submissions he already knew, especially the fundamental ones like americana or kimura arm locks. As you learn and sticking in mount becomes more second nature to you, focusing on attacks from that position will start to get easier, introducing a variety of new possible submissions to you that were never available before. 

You might be thinking “A whole year of working on mount? I don’t have the time for that!”- don’t worry, with Matt’s help you can improve your game significantly in just a few weeks! No matter if you are the small person in class and you’re tired of getting swept like a speck of dust every time, or you just feel like you don’t know what to do once you arrive on top during rolls, this system is made for everyone. You will address the pressure/weight you need to be “unbuckable”, which is an exhilarating feeling and an option for every body size and frame. The connection necessary to carry out your new mount domination will also be discussed, since mount is one of the least connective positions in Jiu Jitsu it is important to understand where to connect with your opponent and how to keep the most amount of surface area in contact at all times so they are unable to escape. Lastly, the frames needed and your posture will be honed to avoid your partner moving out from under you, gaining a dominant position against you or successfully sweeping you out of mount. 

Doesn’t that sound fun?! Trust me, once you transform your mental and physical approach to top mount you will never go back, and you’ll probably wonder why it took you so long to do it!

Mastering The Mount by Matt Thornton

Mastering The Mount With Matt Thornton gives you the skills to DOMINATE the Mount. Make your Mount attacks Ruthless with the help of one of the most SEASONED Instructors in the game! 



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