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Matheus Diniz and Marcos Tinoco Training At Marcelo Garcia Academy

Matheus Diniz and Marcos Tinoco Training At Marcelo Garcia Academy


Two of the best competitors coming out of the Marcelo Garcia Academy in New York are Matheus Diniz and Marcos Tinoco. Both competitors are known to be extremely tough and technical, and have competed and won at the highest level for the last few years.

Matheus Diniz just came off of a huge win at the 2019 ADCC Championship, taking first in the -88kg division - a huge accomplishment. Tinoco consistently has been at the top of the pack, taking gold in the 2018 Brazilian National, which is considered one of the toughest competitions on earth. He also finished with a silver medal at the world championship in 2018.

But the one thing that makes Marcelo's guys so dangerous is that they are ready to go any time of year regardless if the event is in the gi or without. They train gi and no-gi year round and are equally as dangerous from guard as they are on top.

Matheus Diniz And Marcos Tinoco Training

We got the opportunity to catch them in training recently where they showed just how tough and competitive they are known to be. The video below shows positional sparring rounds starting from the front headlock position.

Note, neither Matheus or Marcos ever stop attacking and are constantly looking for sweeps, passes, or submissions. They also attack the entire body, including upper and lower body submissions.

Keep an eye out for a guard passing instructional from 2019 ADCC Champion, Matheus Diniz very soon, and see above for Marcos Tinoco's "Mastering The Lasso Guard!"



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