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Matt Arroyo On How To Set Up The Triangle Choke



Royce Gracie black belt, Matt Arroyo is not only a great competitor but also a great teacher. Matt has shown time and time again that is he a super knowledgeable about the many facets of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. From the advanced techniques all the way to the basic fundamentals, he has some fantastic details on how to improve your Jiu Jitsu to an all time high. This time, Matt has a video on two killer details to set up the triangle choke if your opponent plays super low and close. Check out the breakdown on his triangle choke.

Control the posture

One  of the first things that Matt shows is to control your opponent’s posture. Even if he is playing low and close, you still need to control him so he cannot simply pop up and out of your triangle. For this no gi technique, he controls the head and the wrist of the opponent. This will come in handy if he tries to posture up and work for a guard pass.

Shrimp your hips out

Most triangle choke attacks involve bumping your hips up then down to get the triangle. While this does work, some people that are great at defending the triangle will wait for that and then hit a quick, athletic guard pass. Instead of bumping, try shrimping. For this detail, you won’t do a big shrimp like a mount escape. You will do quick and short shrimps. These movements will set up your triangle, but disguise it so that the choke is not obvious.

While this may seem different or small, it is one to incorporate into your game, especially if you are someone that likes to go to the triangle choke. Matt has shown that this is a great alternative to hitting this choke. As I mentioned earlier, his expertise is all around. His DVD, The Back Attack Blueprint is a great resource for any BJJ student.

Click here to see The Back Attack Blueprint by Matt Arroyo.


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