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More Triangle Magic with John Danaher

More Triangle Magic with John Danaher


More Fantastic Technique With Danaher!

For years BJJ players have been using wrist control style gripping methods to funnel their opponents into the triangle. Especially in no gi where there are no sleeves or cuffs to work with, becoming proficient with the manipulations of the wrists is absolutely necessary if you hope gain the upper hand from the bottom.

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We’ve been looking at some new material from John Danaher on the triangle. He’s recently released the next chapter of his “Enter the System” series, and you guessed it, it’s all about the triangle. We’ve already witnessed some game changing triangle methods in the first few sneak peaks we’ve been granted. Now, we’re being treated to a set up dealing with wrist controls and the collar tie. Check it out!

We know that we need one arm inside of our legs and one arm outside to execute a triangle, but getting that done when your partner knows the same thing can be challenging.

Danaher begins in a common configuration in no gi guard passing. The top player has elected to cup his biceps. From here Danaher swims his left hand under his partner right arm, and with a little help from the lift of his right arm he cross grips and secures his partner’s left wrist, and employs a two on one grip. Keeping the inside track Danaher pulls forward a bit using his hips and secures a collar tie with his left hand. The collar tie will greatly reduce his partner’s ability to use posture as a means of dismantling the triangle attempt. Danaher then pushes his partners wrist towards his sternum and brings his right leg up over his partners shoulder using some elevation he’s created by stepping on his partner’s right hip.

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Now for the finish. Danaher anchors himself to his partners left leg by under hooking it, and rotates his body toward that same leg. As he lifts his lower back from the floor and wedges his partner’s head with his left knee, he’s able to connect the triangle lock and finish an incredibly tight strangle.

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