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Must See Bicep Slicer to Arm Bar Finish

Must See Bicep Slicer to Arm Bar Finish


Mario Roberto Shows A Bicep Slicer from Arm Bar

Learn how to use a biceps slicer to finish the match when your opponent is resisting your arm bar attempt.

The bicep slicer is an attack on your opponent that can seriously cause some damage. When done by a high level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner it can splinter and break the forearm, even causing the bicep to detach.

The bicep slicer works complimentary with the arm bar, and though most people think of it as a painful compliance technique, it is actually an incredibly painful submission.


Let us take a look at Mario Roberto’s demonstration of a bicep slicer from the arm bar.  Then we will break down the technique. Check out the video below!

In this video, Mario Roberto starts out from the arm bar position, explaining that it is no necessary to have your legs crossed unless your opponent is trying to clear them away and create an angle for him to escape. Roberto prefers to have one leg tucked into his arm pit, stating that it is heavier on his opponent. So a great little tip to start when it comes to controlling and staying connected to your opponent.

Mario Roberto shows a couple of variations on the bicep slicer, depending on which arm position you are using. In the case that your open arm is the one next to his head, Roberto shows us first to get our leg up over his opponent’s elbow, resting it on his arm. He keeps his other leg across his opponent’s head, which keeps him pinned down to the mat. By keeping his grip under his opponent’s arms and bringing the leg across the head up over his own angle he is able to put a ton of pressure on the arm that’s caught. Now is the time to tighten everything down and start moving backwards with your back. The grip will break, your opponent will forget about the arm bar, and the tap is imminent. It is all about squeezing tight an arching back. To get really brutal with the bicep slicer twist your arm so your thumb is facing upwards as you arch backwards.

The bicep slicer is a brutal submission. You will see even the toughest dudes submit to it. It is a great alternative submission he is too strong for you to break his grip and extend his arm for the arm bar. It is great to have this submission in your bag of tricks, the more you know the better, especially if it is one your opponent will not be ready to expect. So the next time you are struggling with the arm bar remember this bicep slicer and the techniques give yourself a high percentage of success.

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