Nasty Wrist Lock From Travis Stevens


Travis Stevens is one of the most badass dudes in modern grappling today. He is a Judo black belt, Judo Olympian with a silver medal, and a BJJ black belt under John Danaher. Travis has also competed in NAGA, Grappler’s Quest and Copa Podio. He has a very well rounded game. Chokes, leg locks, throws and wrist locks are just some of his favorite techniques that he likes to do. Out of those, his wrist lock attacks are very interesting. They are some powerful techniques from some of the most basic positions, especially when he utilizes them from the closed guard.

One of my favorite wrist locks that he does is from the closed guard. It is an attack to use when an opponent is in your closed guard, with one hand on your belt and the other holding your sleeve. What is enjoyable about this nasty wrist lock is the fact that it is so easy to go for and tap an opponent with. the set up is also basic as can be.

When the opponent is grabbing your belt and sleeve in your guard, you can go start to go for this. While he holds your sleeve, you need to roll your wrist down. Your thumbs goes down, and your elbow should point up instead. After the roll, you need to use your other arm to chop down on the opponent’s wrist, right above his wrist bone.. This should make his knuckles point upward. From there, you need to cross your arms to pin his wrist in place. Pull him towards your with your legs, and sit forward. This painful wrist lock should cause even the toughest opponents to concede defeat and tap.

Wrist locks are just really starting to become popular. They were in the same light as leg locks were a few years back. But when drilled and trained correctly, they are a truly awesome weapon in your Jiu Jitsu arsenal. Travis Stevens has some other great wrist lock attacks to teach in his DVD set, Wrist Locks From Everywhere. It is on sale for only $47!

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