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New Footage of Infamous Phone Smashing Incident Emerges

New Footage of Infamous Phone Smashing Incident Emerges


Conor doesn’t like the flash on your phone.

Let’s just get right to it. It’s 5 AM at a big time hotel in Miami Florida. You are walking around outside and happen to see Conor McGregor. You proceed to walk over and begin filming the interaction. As you reach out with your left hand to shake his, all of a sudden you have a lightning fast Irishman closing the distance. Now you are famous!

In all seriousness watch the following video and put yourself in the guy’s shoes. This had to be terrifying, check it out courtesy of TMZ. 

As you can clearly see in the video, McGregor is with his entourage/security when this all happens. From what we can tell there wasn’t any aggression from the man filming whose name is Ahmed. In the original police report there was nothing stated about spitting at Conor or any type of aggression towards him.

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That said, anyway you spin it it’s hard to justify putting your hands on someone else for merely words. So to play devil’s advocate. Let’s say Ahmed said the most terrible thing imaginable to McGregor. It probably went something like this “your whiskey is subpar, and David Beckham is a better dresser.” Would that legitimize leaping out and swatting someone’s phone? Actually….

Regardless how you feel about Conor’s actions, or Ahmed’s for that matter. The video clearly doesn’t look very good for McGregor’s case. Although the case has been settled, there are still criminal charges pending. McGregor has pleaded not guilty, and the court date is set for early May.

Of course, this incident is just a drop in the bucket of Conor’s controversies. Since 2019 Conor has found himself in the media for a lot of things unrelated to fighting. This infamous phone incident, his alleged involvement in a sexual assault case, rumors of assault in Dublin, and of course the atrocious feud between himself and rival Khabib Nurmagomedov are all things that have taken place THIS YEAR.

By looking at famous athletes and their history it’s easy to see why many fans are concerned about Conor McGregor. The red flags keep popping up. Conor has always been at his best when involved in fighting. Yet as of right now he is “retired”. A rich retired fighter with more money than most people ever dream of, could be a recipe for disaster. Or this could all serve as the potential launch pad into another McGregor era, but it’s looking increasingly unlikely.

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