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New Video Surfaces of White Belt Being Choked Out by Purple Belt

New Video Surfaces of White Belt Being Choked Out by Purple Belt


“Disastrously counterproductive for jiu-jitsu” -Rener Gracie 

In a video that surfaced recently, a purple belt practitioner of BJJ is seen deliberately choking a white belt unconscious. Not only does he ignore the students taps, but he continues to apply pressure to the choke after the man loses consciousness. After they lift his legs to help revive him, the roll continues, and seemingly more submissions are applied for the duration of the encounter.

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If the goal is to spread BJJ, and expose as many as possible to the art we love so much, then videos such as these are certainly not helping the process. As Rener explains, these kinds of scenarios are the worst nightmares of those who wish to take up the art. As wonderful as the atmosphere in your academy might be, the fact remains, people are intimidated by the prospect of learning to fight and the unknowns of what they may experience. Can you imagine a would be BJJ practitioner sitting down to check out some BJJ videos, and this being the first thing they pull up?

The Gracie brother discuss the idea of being able to “trust the tap”. If we can’t trust the tap, the integrity of the art is lost. Having the ability to say uncle, and the trust in your training partners that they will let go at that very moment to ensure your safety is paramount.

Intense hard training is possible without this kind of behavior. BJJ is special in that we are able to train at such a high level of intensity with little risk of injury due to the trust in being able to submit, and still be able to go home that night with little more than some general soreness. This must be preserved, and Rener and Ryron are here to speak about just that in this video.

Never lose sight of the trust and respect we must command and give to others in the training room. We are all here for the same reason. To get better, and enrich our lives and the lives of others.

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Do not be a perpetrator of this kind of behavior, and if you witness it, be the one to speak out about it. This is a dark spot in Jiu-jitsu that must not be allowed to spread. Take care of each other, and preserve our beautiful craft.

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