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Nicholas Meregali Dominates at Brazilian Nationals

Nicholas Meregali Dominates at Brazilian Nationals


Meregali Returns With Masterful Double Gold Performance

All eyes were on the return of Nicholas Meregali to the competitive mats this weekend at the Brazilian National Championships, arguably the toughest major tournament out there.  In only his second competition of the year, Meregali put on a stunning performance, winning 6 of his 8 matches by submission and taking out superstarts like Fellipe Andrew and Kaynan Duarte and putting their own grand slam hopes out of reach.

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In the spectator-shot video below, we see Nicholas going against one of the heavy favorites in the absolute Kaynan Duarte.  Check out Nicholas' dominating performance for yourself!

It's going to be an interesting rest of 2019 to see what Nicholas Meregali has planned next.  Also, after a less than stellar performance from Kaynan Duarte, where and when will the Atos rock star bounce back?

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