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NO BS Weight Loss Tips With Jordan Syatt

NO BS Weight Loss Tips With Jordan Syatt


Making weight is still considered one of the hardest parts of any combat sport. Some refer to it as “The battle, Before the battle.” Every Boxer, Wrestler, Weightlifter and Jiu Jitsu Practitioner has felt the anxiety of making weight.

It seems like such a simple task though. Eat less, move more and the weight will come off. This is fine for Soccer moms and nerd dads but for athletes who need fuel, eating less may hurt more than help.

So what is the right formula for a healthy diet? To be honest it is not so much about the quantity of food that a person intakes as the quality and type of food a person intakes.

We have all heard of the lose weight fast quick fix diets. They all might work but every person you talk to has the same story. I was fine for three weeks then (insert excuse here). They are all massively overweight and all say the same thing “I gotta get back on it soon”.

We all know they never do get back on it. So, is it poor discipline or is it the plan they are currently losing has holes in it? Possibly a combination of both.  

Who should athletes look to for diet advice though? Physicians only prescribe vague dietary advice until it is too late. They are glad to tell you to try Keto, Adkins, Low carb, Weight watchers ETC.. but will never go into detail. That is until your kidneys fail then they tell you exactly what you can and cannot eat if you want to live.

That seems to be the wrong source for an athlete to get their advice from. Personal Trainers are a dime a dozen and all have their “systems”.  Pro Athletes have their system, but it is often geared toward other pro athletes. College wrestlers do not have the extra cash for a 14 ounce steak, half dozen eggs, 2x 24 ounce milk protein shakes a day with a few whole boneless skinless chicken breast with a side of steamed broccoli every day.

What about Powerlifters? Powerlifters can be pros, but often have to live the standard nine to five job with training thrown in to be successful and make ends meet. Their competitions have weight classes, ergo they have to manage weight. They also have to maintain muscle mass and energy levels to get through calorie intensive workouts.

It is at this time we look to one power lifter in general. He is a 5x world record holder in powerlifting, He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Fitness, A Precision Nutrition and Westside Barbell Certified coach to top it off.  His name is Jordan Syatt and he is both a world record holder in powerlifting and a excellent personal trainer and dietician

Check out this video from his YouTube channel!


Now you can often tell how good certain personal trainers are by the clients they have. If they have a bunch of soccer moms they are most likely soft, kind, and ones that don’t push too hard. On the flip side you have the juiced out powerlifter named Bulldog who has a purple vein that squeezes out of his head as he screams at his clients to “Get one MOOOOOORE!!!”

Then there are those like Jordan who cater to the best, frankly because they are the best. Billionaires can have anyone be their personal trainer, they have the money and often the time to have who they want, when they want help in the gym or in the kitchen. Jordan works with Gregory Vaynerchuk and he is one of those who can have who he wants and when.

Jordan has put those years on the platform, and that college degree to good use. He has created a system to help athletes lose weight and optimize their strength and conditioning. He has created a four part instructional series that anyone can follow to get better.

Jordan covers a diversity of topic including Myths about protein, Calories and how they are not all equal, Caloric Cycling, Plateaus and managing weight loss, and most importantly how to stay on track and motivated. That last one is important so you don’t fall into the stereotype we spoke about earlier.

Look if a billionaire wants a world record holding powerlifter to design his diet, why not let him do it for you?  

Get started on that weight loss goal today!

jordan syatt weight loss
Click here to check out this amazing system by Jordan Syatt!



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