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No Gi Pressure Passing

No Gi Pressure Passing


It’s no secret that passing no Gi can be interesting to say the least.  There is nothing quite like trying to control someone that is wearing skin tight compression material designed to be slippery. 

Add sweat to that…. Forget about it. But wait, how do elite professional grapplers such as Bernardo Faria, Garry Tonon, Tom DeBlass and Garry Tonon (there are many more, but I think I have listed enough to prove the point this is possible) time and time again successfully pass the guard of their also elite opponents?  At a high level, and on a world stage, there are no excuses, no redo’s so these athletes must come in with a plan, a flawless plan, and be able to execute on it, no matter the conditions, or type of clothing being worn.  

Let’s start by taking a look at a clip from Professor Bernardo Faria’s video instructional “No Gi Pressure Passing”  

Professor Faria states that he believes that over 80 percent of his passing game No Gi is a variation of the over under pass we are about to break down.  To get into starting position Professor Faria in his opponent’s guard (the opponent’s left shin is acting as a shield between him and Professor Faria), with his right arm over hooking the opponent’s left leg and his left arm under hooking his opponent’s leg, as shown here. 

Professor Faria that when doing this pass in the Gi, he prefers to use his left hand to grab Gi material near his opponent’s rib cage, however when doing this in a No Gi situation he simply cups around the opponent’s thigh as you can see in the video above.

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The next thing Professor Faria does is immediately hop up to his toes creating a lot of pressure as he drives into his opponent.  As he moves to his toes, his head goes to his opponent’s side, on the opposite side of his over hook, and with his over hook he reaches to grab the opponent’s shin.  If this were in Gi, Professor Faria states he would simply grab the Gi pants rather than trying to get to the shin. 

Once he is able to get the grip he wants on the opponent’s shin he is able to, just as he would in the Gi, start circling towards the opponent’s side that he has a grip on the shin.  This will force the opponent’s knee in between Professor Faria’s legs. Now that the opponent’s knee is no longer being used as a shield Professor Faria hugs the knee as tightly as possible as he circles back the other direction.  While doing this he abandons the shin grip and opts for hugging the opponent’s thigh as he circles. 

As he circles the opponent’s hips will be forced to the direction he is circling.  Once he is able to he simply kicks his leg (the one between the opponent’s legs) back and to the ceiling to high leg out of the position and bring his foot to the other side of the opponent’s leg.  Keep in mind, he is still on his toes, driving into the opponent the entire time. Now that he has cleared the opponent’s legs, the pass is complete he just simply needs to gain some sort of control over the opponent.  To gain control he wants to get his chest to the opponent’s chest as quickly as possible. As you will see in the video clip, he simply “dives” on top of the opponent by putting his right knee on the ground and closing the gap between his chest and the opponent’s chest. As he gets his chest on the opponent’s chest he drops his hips by extending his legs backwards to increase the pressure on the opponent.  He is also locking his hands in a typical cross face manner under the opponent’s neck. 

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What I like about this breakdown is Professor Faria shows how he handles this in both Gi and No Gi, even though it is designed to be a No Gi video instructional.  The amount of detail behind each step in the process is incredible and I appreciate that Professor Faria always seems to take time to explain the “why” behind each part of the technique.  

If you like this high level short breakdown of the over under pass check out the full “No Gi Pressure Passing” video at BJJ Fanatics for a full breakdown of all of not only 30-40 variations, tips and tricks for the over under pass, but an additional several passes Professor Faria uses in the 20 percent of the time he is not able to do the over under pass. If you like the detail shown by Professor Faria in the video, but prefer to play a Gi game more so than No Gi, check out “Battle Tested Pressure Passing” also by Professor Bernardo Faria.  You can expect either of these video instructionals to break down the exact guard passes that have led to Professor Faria’s success on the World Stage of Jiu Jitsu competition, showing you a detailed step by step guide to destroying any guard, Gi or No Gi, it simply does not matter if you have the right system. 

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