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Omoplata From Playing The Spider Guard



If you’re a Jiu Jitsu competitor that is interested in learning one of the best controlling open guards, then look no further than the spider guard. The spider guard is a favorite of champions such as Leandro Lo, Michael Langhi and Romulo Barral. By using the spider guard you have some pretty solid submission and sweep options. One of those sweeping options is the omoplata. The omoplata is very strong from the spider guard and the set up is fantastic. Clark Gracie, who is one of the best omoplata users in all of BJJ shows an awesome set up and finish of an omoplata from the spider guard.

Getting the proper controls is super important for hitting this shoulder lock. First grab the sleeves of your opponent by the wrists. Once you have those, place your left foot on your opponent’s left bicep, and put your right foot on his hip. From there, pull his right sleeve to your chest and keep your right knee on the inside of his arm. Theb upward pressure on his bicep with your foot. You’ll need to make him step forward. You can do that by extending his left arm to the sky by pointing your left heel up. With all of these controls and with the broken balance, his shoulders should be pretty far apart.

(Check Out 5 Tips To Increase Your Omoplata As A Submissions By Bernardo Faria – Click Here)

While you are giving upward pressure on his left bicep, you then need to shoot your right leg up and over your opponent’s shoulder. Triangle your legs together, while maintaining those sleeve grips. Once you’re secure, you can let go of his right wrist and bring your top knee to your chest and wrap your right arm around his waist to prevent a roll escape. Start moving to the side of your opponent and once you are in position, you can finally let go of his left sleeve and zig zag your legs to finish the omoplata. If he tries to use that hand again to post and posture, just pull his wrist behind his own head and finish.

The spider guard is an excellent guard for those that are looking to get those tight submissions. The plata is just one of the cool subs that you can get from there. There are plenty more. Romulo Barral is a shining example of a killer finisher who uses the guard for his victories. And he has released an awesome DVD set on getting sweeps and submissions from the spider guard. It is…

Secrets of the Spider Guard by Romulo Barral. Click here!


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