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Triangle Entry From Spider Guard



The spider guard is such a powerful open guard when it comes to the gi-centric guards. The anatomy of the spider guard allows for its user to make his opponent’s arms wide which totally controls the upper body. It also allows for a nice mix of sweep and submission attacks that very smoothly flow into each other. One of the best attacks from the spider has to be the triangle choke. The triangle entry from spider guard is controlling and strong as can be. Check out how to use the triangle while playing from spider (video for the choke starts at 2:25 minutes in).

You are playing a very active spider guard. You are playing it with your right foot on the bicep, left foot on the hip and controlling both sleeves for maximum control. Perhaps you have been working some sweeps from the position. In particular, knee push or scissor sweep. But now your opponent knows your proficiency with those sweeps and he no longer wants to lose position. So to avoid those sweeps, he posts his left leg so that he will not be knocked over. This is your chance to work your triangle choke.

As he posts, you need to slightly relax the tension of your foot on his bicep. As you do that, you need to really pull his left arm to your shoulder by his sleeve. Now use your left foot on his hip as base and throw your hips up as you shoot your leg up and over your opponent’s neck. Keep controlling that left sleeve and throw your left leg over your right shin to lock up the triangle. Continue pulling the left sleeve as you squeeze your knees together and you will easily finish your opponent.

The triangle choke is one of the best attacks from spider guard to master. It can end a match quickly and give you the victory to take home. The spider guard can be an excellent position. Some of the most dominant Jiu Jitsu competitors use the guard to capture gold medal after gold medal, and you can too. To improve your spider guard than check out…

Romulo Barral’s Secrets of the Spider Guard. Click here!



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