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How To Pass Half Guard With Pressure



Passing half guard can be a difficult task.  If you make a mistake on top, there is the chance of getting swept or getting your back taken. So many people that end up in half guard top either get swept onto their back, or simply stall. But the ingredient to pass the half guard is one that we use all the time in Jiu Jitsu. And that ingredient is pressure. Pressure is an aspect that is important with the different facets of BJJ.  You need it to pass the closed guard, you need to to hold someone down from the top positions and you need it to pass the half guard. Let’s see how you can pass half guard with pressure.

The first thing that you will need to fight for is the under hook. Use your right arm to get that under hook, and when you do, make sure you get your four fingers in the collar. When you get that, your opponent should use his other arm to try and push you away. As he does that, swim your left arm inside, get a tricep grip and clamp your elbow down. After you do that, put your head to the mat and use your head to push his head away, using pressure. Your shoulder should also be pressuring into his jaw. With your free leg, post it out wide, opening your stance. Start turning your hip away from your opponent and get your knee to the ground. Once there, use your free leg to kick away your opponent’s top leg and you can slide right into scarf hold. You can either choose to work from there, or move into side control. It becomes your choice.

Being able to pass half guard is such an important part of Jiu Jitsu. Many Jiu Jitsu practitioners love to play from there, so when you do end up there, you need to be able to take away that position from them. Learn how to properly use pressure and all of your passing should become much stronger and crisper. Improve your half guard passing and check out…

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