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Sambo Style Ouchi Gari



In the past, I have mentioned how much the Georgian grip can change the dynamic of a throw. This grip allows for you to not only break the posture of the people you’re facing, but also allows you to have total control of where he can go. This time, I want to go over a certain Judo throw that is enhanced when you use the Georgian grip. For those of you who may not know what the Georgian grip is, it is an over the shoulder belt grip that came from the art of Sambo, used primarily by practitioners from the eastern European nation of Georgia. check out this cool Sambo style ouchi gari.

So to start, you need to establish your Georgian grip. Control your opponent’s right sleeve with your right hand, and reach over his his right shoulder and grab his belt with your left hand. Don’t forget to clamp down with your left elbow to make sure that he cannot take your back. Now that you have proper grip, you can pull your opponent any way you need to. Make sure you have your left leg forward and pull him towards you. When he is in position, you need to get your left leg on the inside, as if you were going for a trip. Drop to your left knee, and make sure your right leg is posted. Drive off of your right leg and your opponent will end up be tripped backwards. As he falls, let go of the belt grip, and start to work on the ground. Very little energy is expended, so this particular is a positive route to take.

The Judo/Sambo way of taking people down can greatly improve your overall Jiu Jitsu game. Combining throws from Judo/Sambo and mixing it with BJJ ground work, you are setting yourself up for success. Not relying solely on the guard pull will give you more opportunities to put your opponent away and keep him guessing the entire time. Be able to take the fight anywhere you want to. To do that, start studying the throws from Judo. Check out…

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