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One Man’s Trash.....Another Man's Sweep?

One Man’s Trash.....Another Man's Sweep?



I doubt I’ll ever be one of the greats in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  I know my limits. And one of my limits is that I can’t come up with the clever names that the greats manage to invent.

One of those great names is the “Throw Away the Trash” sweep.  Who could resist learning about a sweep with a name like that?

Matheus Diniz—a black belt under the great Marcelo Garcia—demonstrates this sweep, takes his opponent’s back, and executes a choke in the video below.

The Sweep


Diniz begins in Bernardo’s half guard.  Diniz emphasizes that he wants to keep his head off the mat because—along with his hands—he needs to keep his opponent from stepping over and escaping his half guard.  Diniz’s left hand is controlling Bernardo’s thigh, and his right arm is wrapped under Bernardo’s left leg so that his right hand is controlling the other thigh (1:54).

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When Diniz is ready to begin his sweep, he uses his left hand to push away and lift Bernardo’s right leg so that he can slip his shin into the crook of Bernardo’s knee (2:13).

Once he has his shin in place behind Bernardo’s right knee, Diniz removes his left hand from his opponent’s leg and places it against his side/hip.  

Diniz then stretches his opponent out by straightening the leg he is using to hold Bernardo’s leg.  Meanwhile, he pushes Bernardo away with the hand against Bernardo’s side/hip.

It’s important for Diniz to keep hold of Bernardo’s left leg.  As Bernardo’s weight shifts away, Diniz has space to begin to sit up (2:33).  

Diniz warns us that, at this point, an opponent will likely try to kick their leg out of your control.  So, Diniz holds Bernardo’s leg firmly with his arm and shoulder.

Having worked himself to his feet, Diniz has the option of grabbing Bernardo’s other ankle and bringing his opponent down.  However, this time Diniz opts to grab Bernardo in a bear hug (2:43).

The Back Take

Diniz does not jump onto his opponent’s back yet.  He wants to get Bernardo off of his feet before he takes his back.

To get Bernardo off his feet, Diniz pulls him backward and quickly slips his right leg behind Bernardo’s legs to trip him.  Diniz rests on his left knee as Bernardo loses his balance and swings away from Diniz and down to the mat (3:45).

As Bernardo’s momentum brings him down to his knees, Diniz’s grip around Bernardo’s waist brings him along, where he can now easily take Bernardo’s back (3:47).

Diniz goes for an unexpected approach at this point.  Most people would expect him to set his hooks. Because they’re preparing to defend their legs from being hooked, they forget about their necks.

Diniz uses this to his advantage.  He moves over Bernardo’s back, setting only his right hook.  At the same time, he slips his right arm around Bernardo’s neck (4:17).  The momentum Diniz created as he moved over Bernardo’s back allows him to roll his opponent right into an ideal position for a rear naked choke (4:23). 

The Choke

Now that Diniz has taken his opponent’s back, he begins to execute his choke.  His surprise approach has allowed him to work his arm deep around Bernardo’s neck.  Diniz secures his choking hand behind his opponent’s shoulder. Meanwhile, Diniz uses his left hand to hold onto Bernardo’s left wrist, preventing him from being able to defend the choke (5:01).

To choke his opponent, Diniz tells us we do not need to pull our opponent’s neck back toward us.  It’s more effective to simply pull our right shoulder back and toward the floor.

If this doesn’t get a tap, Diniz rolls his victim to the other side, slips his left arm out from under Bernardo’s left arm, and clasps his left hand to his right to secure the traditional, two-arm rear naked choke (5:29).

This sequence of moves is a devastating method to control your opponent through the sweep, back-take, and choke.  And each of these moves can be used individually at other times during your roll. Regardless of when you use them, these moves are definitely treasures, not trash.

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