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Passing Guards By Using Leg Attacks

Passing Guards By Using Leg Attacks

Craig Jones has already shown the world his knowledge and skill as one of the most-feared leg lockers on the planet.  In almost overnight fashion, he has catapulted himself to the top of the grappling world's stages with epic performance in ADCC and against people like the John Danaher trained Gordon Ryan.

In his newest release from BJJ Fanatics, he shows his favorite methods to pass the trickiest guards out there by using his leg lock prowess and set ups to make the guard pass more likely.

Passing the guard can arguably be considered one of the hardest skills to develop in BJJ.  Not only does everyone consider having their guard passed a sin, but also the guard game is always evolving, probably at a higher pace than BJJ in general.  This can make what worked yesterday, completely useless today.

With Craig Jones help you'll be utilizing his creative guard passing secrets soon by taking advantage of "How to Pass Guards Quickly and Easily" in convenient On Demand format from BJJ Fanatics!  In the meantime, check out his use of the Leg Weave pass and the variety of positions that can be opened up with this pass.