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Position to Submission

Position to Submission


 Over the course of your BJJ training, one of the most important concepts that should stay in the forefront of your mind and training agenda is the idea of "position to submission".  In the early days of our learning and training, we are so eager to begin adding "moves" to our arsenal.  We train a choke one day and then check, we mark that off the imaginary checklist in our minds.  Now I can move to something else like the triangle or bow and arrow choke.  Once we have a class on those, they are checked off and we race to learn something different.

But at the end of the day, have we really learned a technique with a class or two and some practice reps at the end of those classes?  Is the process of learning jiu jitsu simply adding a list of moves that we sort of understand and can apply to a non-moving, non-defending partner?  Or is it something far more complex.  Much of your white belt period can be seen in this way as a period of becoming "kind of" familiar with techniques and positions.  Once you begin to transition into the color belts, it's important to begin thinking about the pathway from "position to submission" and once that knowledge is paved, it will become apparent that alternative roads must be built to get one from point A to point B.

 In the video below, Matheus Diniz demonstrates a start to finish road that he's paved from half guard sweep to choke.  Along the way, he adds a back take that will have your opponents wondering how you are applying the choke so fast.  Check it out!

 Once you begin understanding that submissions are not simply caught out of thin air, but instead are destinations that have been well-earned through a wide variety of pathways and positional changes, you will be well on your way to that coveted black belt mentality where your brain will constantly be mapping out the most efficient way to get to a submission.

If you're tired of learning isolated positions or techniques, it's time to check out Matheus Diniz' "Position to Submission" instructional series available in either DVD or convenient On Demand format!  You are literally minutes away from a start to finish arsenal of techniques that will have your training partners and opponents on their heels.

 You might also be interested in The Banana Guard Submissions System by Roberto Tozi.


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