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Powerful Kimura Lock with Satoshi Ishii

Powerful Kimura Lock with Satoshi Ishii


Kimura Is King. Learn From A Legend!

The kimura is such a powerful submission. It’s enjoyed some extra time in the spotlight over the past few years, almost seeming to be reborn. It’s being implemented as more of a position now, rather than just as a means to submit. We see it being used to take the back, force transitions, and once it’s secured, the best players will use it to follow you until they get what they want. With John Danaher’s recent contributions to the kimura and its many uses, we’ve been given some entirely new concepts and methods that we can apply to the kimura to make it work better for us.

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When we think about the kimura, we often associate it with the figure four configuration of the hands. Traditionally this is the way that the kimura is applied and used. The figure four is very strong, and once achieved is incredibly difficult to combat.

In this video Satoshi Ishii shows us an alternative way to lock up and constrict the arm for the kimura. Have a look at this.

Ishii’s version of the kimura starts out looking pretty familiar, but then takes a turn. As he levers down on his partner’s arm with his right forearm, he grabs his own bicep with his left hand. Just like a rear naked choke. Then, to lock things in even tighter, he catches a grip on his other elbow with his right hand. I can only imagine (until I get to try it) the amount of pressure and how strong this must feel to the player that’s applying it.

Ishii transitions to 3 different positions to continue the application of the kimura, and they all look to be quite effective. Once this version of the kimura is locked in, I’d think it would probably be game over, as the arm is under an incredible amount of duress at this point. Give it a shot!

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