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Problems with Your Knee Cut? Click Here to Fix Them with Lucas Lepri

Problems with Your Knee Cut? Click Here to Fix Them with Lucas Lepri


Fix Up The Knee Cut Pass!

The Knee Cut Pass is one of the most widely favored passes in all of BJJ. From the hobbyist to the top tier pro level, you’ll see the knee cut being implemented in a variety of ways unique to each player.

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There’s good reason for this. The knee cut provides a lot of stability, and getting that knee up the middle is always problematic for the guard player, which leads to many options once they begin to react. That being said, because if its vast use and popularity, there are many answers to the knee cut. Years of incessant knee cut passing have led to the inception of some really great counters, so if you plant to pass the guard with the knee cut, you better have all your ducks in a row.

Lucas Lepri has a fine knee cut pass, and in this video, he gives us some critical details as to how to make the pass stick at a high level. Give this video a watch, it’s worth your time.

In this scenario, Lepri begins inside of his partner De La Riva guard. He secures a collar grip on the same side as the DLR hook, and lowers his center of gravity. Lepri then pulls on the collar grip to elevate his partners shoulder off of the floor, and closes his elbow to eliminate space, which also relives some of the pressure of the DLR hook. Lepri then side steps, bringing his partner to his side. At this point many would opt to begin using the reverse De La Riva to counter, but Lepri shuts down this option by controlling the bottom leg with a grip on the pants.

The bottom player will inevitably begin using frames to stop the upper body, it’s at this juncture that Lepri will now switch to a grip on the sleeve near the elbow. Lepri uses his grips in a push pull manner to begin flattening his partner, puts the tip of his knee to the floor, and then pivots to complete the pass.

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One of the most common responses to the knee cut from the bottom payer is to enter the top knee in a knee shield fashion to begin creating space and dismantling the passing attempt. To remedy this Lepri again uses the collar and sleeve grip set in unison with his knee to begin flattening his partner. As his partner’s knee goes vertical, Lepri closes his elbow once again, which eliminates the threat of the bottom players knee, and then returns to his original path.

These are stellar details. If you’ve been struggling with the knee cut pay close attention to what’s going on here. There are a few more than critical concepts you may have been missing. Happy knee cutting!

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