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Heavy Pressure Choke from Mount for Lightweights

Heavy Pressure Choke from Mount for Lightweights


Great Choke From The Mount Position!

Matheus Gonzaga may be a lightweight but at just 23 years old and already an accomplished black belt. He is a definite heavy force on the mats. Matheus’ first taste of Jiu Jitsu came by way of his Blue Belt father who would clear living room space and show he and his brother Marcos Paulo a few moves.

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This was the spark that fueled his BJJ fire! Unfortunate circumstances of pre-teen bullying led to the Gonzaga brothers being signed to their first life changing BJJ Classes in May of 2005. Matheus’ journey started out in Rio de Janeiro and lucky for us he found his way to the United States, more specifically the East Coast, he currently resides in Boston and is training and teaching out of Bernardo Farias’ Academy.

Heavy Pressure Choke

In the below video Matheus shows us how even though we may not carry much weight adding pressure to our game can get our bigger stronger opponents to tap. Something this 138 lb. woman appreciates greatly.

From mount Professor Matheus shows us how to collar choke our opponent with details that most of us don’t even think about. When in mount pinch your knees against your opponent while securing a deep cross grip on our opponents’ collar for the first step in applying this deadly choke on your opponent. The grip should be high in the collar, almost to the back of your opponents’ neck. Turn your wrist toward your opponents’ head so the blade of your wrist is against their neck -vs- your forearm.

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Basing out on your left hand lower your chest toward your opponent and pressure your elbow into your opponent's chest. While applying this top pressure which obstructs your opponent from bridging you off your mount position you can finish this choke in one of two ways, one way is by grasping the back of your opponents’ head and settling heavy down on your opponent applying pressure and getting the tap.

Option two to achieve the choke is to bring your base hand around your opponents’ head and since inevitably your opponent will attempt to protect his neck use your forearm to push your opponents head to the side, this will allow you to get to his collar or his Gi. Once you have a secure grip on either bring your elbow in over your opponents shoulder and move your head toward your choking hand and close your elbows in. A heavy choke from a lightweight instructor!

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