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Collar Drag to Arm Bar with Bruno Malfacine

Collar Drag to Arm Bar with Bruno Malfacine


A combat base style configuration of the body is super common when someone is attempting to pass on the ground. It puts them in position to try and cut up the middle with their knee, and offers a little more stability and mobility than just hanging out on the knees.

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Bruno Malfacine takes a unique approach to this position from the butterfly guard. Not only does he secure a cross collar grip, which is definitely a preferred grip from here, but he also acquires a grip on the pants of his partners lead leg. This seems to offer so much more control in this particular position.

In this quick video Malfacine gives us a look at a collar drag to an armbar. Have a look at this.

There are some great details on the collar drag here. Once Malfacine has secured the collar and pants grip set, he begins his collar drag. Instead of reaching straight out with his outside leg, he tucks it closer to his own butt, on the same plane as his other knee. I feel this creates the ability to do much more with the drag after it’s completed. It leaves us in a more offensive position to launch the rest of the attack after the drag.

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As Malfacine completes his drag, he uses his collar grip to push his partner away. This allows him to rise up to his feet while bringing his partners leg along with him. He then pushes the leg down and circles his leg around to the backside of his partner. Both of Malfacine’s legs are now behind the controlled leg of his partner. In one motion he pushes again on the collar grip, and takes a step over his partners bottom leg to travel to the back side of his partner. He then gives up his grip on the pants for a grip on his partners sleeve near the elbow. He directs his right shin in to his partners armpit and steps over the head to secure a nice arm bar.

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